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  1. hmm - today woke up around 11 am > went to the gym, college, got home, played ps3 then went to airport to fetch my dad.. ( just got back ) Note From Admin: Please stick to the forum decorum. Certain things can be kept to yourself. Further such posts will be deleted without warning. FuelRunGod2009-11-17 07:31:27
  2. In which city is this > dehli ? Since every is saying dehli and its people need to improve. Bad idea to put a location like dehli. ITS very unsafe there. you walk at 11 am alone and u will be mugged or raped ! After this opens, the rape cases will increase in dehli and because of that it will spoil indias name on tourism. they should have picked mumbai or pune.
  3. If its 7 lacks on road, i will pick it up. Any idea on dates ?
  4. @bluesapphire i saw the cruze in white on road last night, Its look off the hook ! amazing - looks like a bmw from behind. vineet - can you justify the minor issue, after 130 km vibrates - OMG Anuprav - can you to justify on this to. Am a high speed driver, on marine drive i drive at 120km in my getz > its going to be my first sedan for my personal use > i dont want these kinds of problems when i will be cruzing on 170 km etc. let me know please.
  5. Skoda is releasing a scheme soon of 3 years or 60 km maintainene. Laura is taking intrests > now am recosidering laura after this maintaince scheme. Well if this car has it 3 years, then in 1 years time i will definetly buy the car. Rs engine in fabia- wow !!
  6. I dont want the sound.. bored of it.. had it few years back in my zen. Can i get the turbo sound like in octys ? how much is to put knn and and does is reduce the average ?
  7. Hey, good afternoon all I have a getz 1.3 which is quite old, around 4 years now. its become my personal car now.. i have installed spark plugs about 1 year back, ( my friend got from dubai ) What else can i do ? not extreme expensive mods.. something basic which would increase pick up of the car . ( i freuntly touch 140km/h on marine drive ) my tires are also quite old, which one to changed to ? suggest me some cool accessories that i can put in my car.
  8. I guess your the boss anuprav, so do you sit behind or ahead? Is it comfy behind for long hours? Note From Admin: Post edited for SMS lingo. Please read the rules and regulations of the forum. Take time to type out entire words, it just helps to keep the post readable. FuelRunGod2009-11-13 19:44:06
  9. Power

    Delhi Meet

    Dehli, is it safe ? mumbai meets happen often. and its safe*
  10. Prevent rough idling, which can be worse in the winter, with 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner. Just spray it on to the throttle plate to clean, lubricate and increase engine performance 2. Add 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner to clean fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers for maximum power and fuel economy 3. Conduct a complete tune-up at home to maximize winter performance with the 3M Do-It- Yourself Tune-Up Kit, an easy to use solution to improve fuel mileage and engine operation 4. Check the tire pressure and fill to the manufacturer's recommendation. Cold weather decreases tire pressure, which can lead to blown tires in the winter
  11. Has anyone driver above 1000 km ? any problems.. or even 700 km. How is the car so far ? should we go for this Note from Moderator: Avoid posting subsequent back to back posts. Also, use proper Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-13 11:18:15
  12. +1 for city, i think its looks really good.
  13. @bluesapphire Well once you get use to it, then u wont have any problems with turbo lag. You will just feel the sheer pleasure from it. Anuprav has white coulour.
  14. If u saying you can push to 13 lacks then go for altis. It very comfortable ( you would know probally > on the cruze comparison discussion ) I prefer altis to civic.