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  1. so kicker speakers and wirirng r what abt amplifier and bass tubes....last night i saw a guy who has put 8-9 speakers in rear for good sound that good.....? and one thing more can u guys give me the exact model numbers for all these......!!!!!
  2. guys the budget is upto 40000-50000.....and what abt kickers speakers...r they better than JBL ......and what abt bass tube...which company has the best bass tubes....regarding HEAD UNIT...its inbuilt...and i'll use apple i pod touch with it....thanx for replying
  3. i want a best ,top quality music system for my new honda city... i can put any number of speakers in my car for best suggest me the best brands for following speakers:- amplifiers:- basstubes:- any suggestions r most welcome and thanx in advance for replying.