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  1. any idea of the dimensions? is it larger than the city/verna/vento?
  2. well watch this space ladies and gentleman. 2 new cars by maruti by this diwali(max by year end). most like launches are xa-alpha and sx4 crossover. as all other segments are expired/non lucrative so going by all permutations combinations these 2 are the hot cakes. and they dint even showcased swift or its teaser before the launch. remember? just 15 days before the launch they expose it to competition.and this time now the news is still under wraps. fingers crossed.
  3. but can admins just make my day and say this is coming by this diwali??? pls
  4. i just booked ecosport and pressurized the dealer for a quick delivery, but then declined as i heard rumours of this car being launched nr diwali. and yes the gamble might pay off, for waiting till the monsoon gets over would be good, lso if this car comes i'll cancel my booking and get this one. anyday better service thn those thieves at ford and yeah, genes of swift ad gypsy, and the proven 1.3 mjd(my swift has clocked 1.4lac already on this) and trust of a maruti. i wouldnt even mind payin 50k premium for this.