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  1. in honda........ Honda CR-V has 2 remote keys Honda accord has 3keys 2 with remote and 1 without remote(vallet key) rest civic city jazz has 1 remote key and one without remote...
  2. with this launch Honda has discontinued Polished Metal colour in all its variants and the new colour Urban Titanium has replaced it..... the chrome package in the exclusive model is an standard accessory from honda which comes seprately and not with the car which the dealer fits and not HSCI
  3. @sabarjeet if marutis could borrow their automatic gear boxes from sm1 then would it work out keeping in the low cost nature of it???
  4. forget the high end germans........with their DSGs and PDKs and other highend semi-automatic gearboxes. If the suzuki and hyundai gets it simple 3speed and 4speed automatic gear boxes in their diesel hatches it will be boon for us...
  5. The mulitijet diesel engine has gained lots of popularity in india then the car makers should make automatic versions in their hatches. I guess its a missing peice in the picture of hatchback market. The car maker who fills it first wil boost its sales and imagine....Forget that if maruti get swift/ritz(petrol) also with an automatic version that boost sales alot and would be cheaper than the i20 AUTOMATIC and better than the i10 Automatic. i guess diesel autonatic hatches are the best for the urban car market where people are ready to buy the expensive Honda Jazz then there are ppl to buy automatic diesel versions of hatches which would be approx 40k over the existing topend models........... hardly it would add some money in the EMI but wil give alot of pleasure in this insane traffic driving.
  6. With the major share of hatchbacks and increasing demands for more and more premium hatches why arent automobile companies introducing diesel automatic versions?? Swift,Ritz,Punto,Vista,i10,i20,etc are most demanded hatches car makers should introduce Automatic versions of diesel. Our indian customers are ready to pay for premium hatches therefore i feel a diesel automatic hatches wont go invain!
  7. hey dude the performence parts of r15 would serve u better than the ninja250. no doubt its a better bike but i feel its waste spending 3lakhs for a bike thts just 250cc a 100cc more than ur bike.....producing 32ps thts 12 more than ur bike....a top speed of 180kmph thts jus 35 more than ur bike. either u get a performence mod or buy a used r6!!