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  1. Drivers please note: This is a rain or shine event, so please be prepared for the unpredictable Bangalore weather. RCINC cannot be held responsible if the event is washed out or cannot be conducted due to circumstances beyond the control of RCINC. However, we will do all it takes to make the event a memorable one.
  2. Hi Folks. Kindly note a few changes: 1: Many people on other forums are confused as to why 2.4ghz is not being allowed ON. @.4ghz radios are allowed. They are only to be switched on when the respective category gets the hour time line to setup their cars. 2: Fuel has no restriction. You can bring your own. It should not exceed 30% nitro content. 3: There is an change in the 1/5 scale category. The race will be from 4pm till sundown. Maybe one hour or more also. Depends on the vehicle and driver. Happy Racing
  3. Hi Cyrus. The event is happening in Bangalore. You're most welcome to come and participate. Please get in touch with Tritech Hobbies at 9820164938 in Bombay for further info. He can also help you decide on a better RC car. All the best and we hope to see you there.
  4. Entries for Participants is Rs 1500. All additional categories @Rs 500 extra. Visitor entry on race day is Rs 20.
  5. RCINC, in association with AUTOCAR, brings to you the very first Offroad Radio Control India National Championships at PitStop Racing, J.P Nagar, Bangalore on the 5th and 6th of December. If you have an RC car/ Truck and you would like to be noticed for your talent in the RC industry, then this is where you should be. Kindly find below the details of the event and confirm your presence by emailing us at: rcincs@gmail.com or track us on Facebook. SCHEDULE:<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Day 1 Date: 5th December 09 ,Saturday Location: Pit Stop Racing, J.P Nagar, Bangalore. Event: 1st Radio Control India National Championships. Drivers using AM & FM Band must deposit all Transmitter crystals with the race director. Frequencies will be distributed within the below allotted time frame to help tune and setup cars. Meanwhile all other setups and builds can be performed as per will of the driver. 2.4 Ghz radios will not be allowed ON during regular hours. Failure to comply with the above will result in penalty charges against the driver. Only one hour is allotted per category to setup vehicle during which the frequencies will be distributed. Each driver must return the frequency crystals after the allotted time is over. 10 am to 12pm. Briefing and photography session with all cars/drivers. 12pm to 1pm. Buggy Setup 1pm to 2pm. Truggy Setup 2pm to 3pm. Lunch Break 3pm to 4pm Stadium Trucks Setup 4pm to 5pm Monster Trucks Setup 5pm to 6pm 1/5th Scale setup. 6pm to 6.30pm Best custom job judgment. (No stock painted bodies) Here on all cars are to be submitted for scrutiny and final checks, after which car numbers will be accordingly allotted to all drivers. Kindly note this is an open class event. However the following will not be allowed on your vehicles: 1. No wheelie assist bars allowed. 2. No gyros/ drift assist boxes allowed. 3. Vehicles cannot use fuel with more that 25% nitro content. Fuel will be supplied by the race Director for all competitive events. 4. No onboard telemetry such as temperature gauges, speed meters, lap timers etc allowed. 5. Antenna length more that 12 inches will have to be trimmed. All antenna pipes must be firmly installed to your vehicle. Day 2: Race Day Date 6th December 09, Sunday 9am to 10am Briefing 10am to 12pm EP Class races (based on no of entries) 12pm to 1pm GP Buggy 1pm to 2pm GP Truggy & Stadium Trucks 2pm to 3pm Lunch 3pm to 4pm Monster Trucks 4pm to 5pm 1/5th scale 5pm to 6pm Jumps, Drags etc. 6pm to 7pm Prize distribution and debriefing. The above schedule is all subject to number of entries and is subject to change without any prior notice. Kindly protect your vehicle and your belongings during the event. We are not responsible for any radio disturbances that may affect the performance of your vehicle during the same. Decorum must be maintained at all times during the event. Failure to comply with shall result in expulsion from the event.