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  1. Etios is getting rave reviews from all quarters now. At this point it looks like the etios will do well and mostly better than the Logan. Where Logan went wrong was in its initial launch. No body was ready to pay that premium for 'Mahindra-Renault'. Mahindra is known to be a UV maker in india and Renault is not as popular as say Toyota or Honda. Whatever discounts they offer now, they are somehow unable to repair the early damage done by premium pricing. Your initial pricing has to be right, just right. Secondly, it remains to be seen whether Etios will rule the entry level sedan segment. Its diesel offering has to be directly price against Manza / Dzire and the diesel engine should be frugal, powerful too. Everyone raves about the DDIS not just for the economy, but the way it delivers power too.
  2. cmon maruti, be a sport and give us a powerful engine apart from the regular 1.2 k series. Also an automatic is a must.
  3. I'm not sure if Toyota has hit the bull's eye with regard to the pricing. The base variant--J--Does not even have power steering and if that is going to be around 5 lakhs ex-showroom delhi, then I think its not great. Just to compare, the dzire LXI retails for about 5.25 on road bangalore and it has power steering. The etios j version without the power steering should be atleast 50k more than this and that is a substantial difference in this segment. If you by this logic there should be a difference of atleast 50-70k between the like variants. And the etios does not have the diesel option now and it may take a good 6 months. And even when it does, there will a difference of atleast 70k between dzire ddis and etios diesel, meaning the etios would probably be 50k cheaper than the for fiesta diesel and that is not such a good thing since the new ford fiesta is due in 2012. The etios will sell well, but will not dramatically alter the numbers of the dzire, which is the leader in this segment.
  4. Hey folks, I need some feedback on a certain braking issue that I'm facing with my Dzire. Its a 2008 model, Diesel, VDI, have done about 32,000kms. One Majot grouse that I had right from Day one was a very cranky braking noise , mostly when your drive upslope or downslope. I was told that most of the swifts have this issue, especially the diesel ones. The dealer replaced the brake pads free of cost during my 10,000km service. H/ever the problem persisted and I just left it since it caused no major issues. What is alarming is that on two instances on a very slight wet surface , I was just doing 70-80kmph, i had applied brakes and the vehicle just didnt stop, it seems that the wheels just got locked! I dont have ABS since I bought the car when it was launched and there was no option of VDI with ABS. Also, there is some strange humming noise which the engineers attribute to tyre noise! The tyres seem to be in reasonable condition and the mechanics themselves state that it can run another 10,000KM, but I'm not convinced. I had wheel bearings checked and even replaced the brake disc and the pads. And this incident of the wheels getting locked happened after that. The reason I changed the disc and the brakes was that when I slowed down from say 120 or 140, there was heavy wobbling at the front. Now that problem has ceased to exist, but this wheel locking has left me alarmed and I'm even contemplating on selling my car { though I just dont want due to lack of funds for a new one and at best I can get a punto or a figo if I sell this car}. My question is --> is the above issue due to the quality of the Stock JK tyres, which Many people have said are pathetic? Or is it just the nature of this car? Why should the wheels get locked even on a very slight wet surface? Pls share your thoughts ! Thread moved. BornFree2010-09-13 16:04:12
  5. @dr nishu, yes I was talking about the taller gearing. @creative bala--I have driven the dzire ddis at 165kmph on many occasions and felt it was stable enough. May be the punto is better as it is heavier.
  6. My question is only on outright performance. Which car out of--Swift, Ritz, Punto, Palio & vista is the quickest in terms of pure performance, i.e, 0-60 or 0-100? Almost all auto magazines list the performance levels of the ritz and the swift as the same. Is this true? Also, the general perception is that the gear box of the suzukis are far better than the others. Does this eventually help in 0-60, 0-100 figures? I know for sure that the vista is not as quick as the others as it is heavier. And does it mean that since the swift and the ritz are the 'lightest', hence the performance?
  7. i'm not sure as to what is the shock in the pricing of the spark nor the beat..the spark is just about 20k costlier than the Alto and atleast 30k cheaper than the santro, so it appeals as an entry level car. The beat on the other hand is primarliy pitted against the wagon r, i10. Have you checked out the OTR of the beat in your cities? In bangalore the spark base version with power steering costs about 3.38lacs which is just 20k more than the alto {3.13lacs} after all discounts. The beat, im not sure, but the base version with power steering should be atleast 50k higher than the equally specced spark. Now that is a great pricing strategy!sujith31202010-01-17 11:59:09
  8. what we need is a diesel soft roader, at 8-9 lakhs! That could really shake up the market..Not something like the xylo or the innova..more on the lines of the Fiat panda or the skoda yeti..May be Maruti should bring in its jimny with 1.3 mjd.
  9. My issue is not about After sales and service. Considering the no. of Marutis on road, I think they are doing a good job. My point is that if India is its largest market, then give it the reqd. importance! @rahul1810--w.r.t swift's facelift in 2008, maruti never even advertised this as a 'new' swift coz there were hardly any changes. The only visible change was that the taillights had a slight change and that was it. The ZXI version which may be only about 5% of swift's sales got the steering mounted contol. Considering swift's success couldnt they have risked to bring in a 100bhp petrol engine?? When Fiat could do this with the poorly selling Palio, why cannot Maruti? Look at the i10--its got 2 engines, along with an automatic! Even though automatics are not great sellers, this trend is slowly beginning to change and I have personally seen many women opting for the i10 automatic inspite of it costing as much as the Swift zxi. The old Zen used to have an automatic version, so why cannot the super selling Swift have one? BornFree2010-01-17 11:43:34
  10. HI folks, I'm not saying that Maruti is going to lose its no 1 sales tag, but I sense that the gap between maruti and the rest of the players, especially hyundai and chevrolet is going to reduce significantly. I'm just highlighting a few of the strategies that went horribly wrong: SX4--Initial sales were very good and it was in fact touted as the honda city beater, but one-two yrs later, its no where close to the ANHC and infact other cars like linea are doing better. I doubt if the sx4 is matching up to linea's 1.2k monthly figures. There is no diesel in sight for the SX4 and i think it may just die a slow death like the baleno. Traditional maruti buyers are now buy other products. My friend in chennai has just booked a linea petrol-dynamic version for 7.2 lakhs OTR which is way cheaper than the SX4 vxi and in fact has more features! is maruti being beaten in its own price war? A-star--Global alto replacement was a lakh costlier than the alto in india! and that is the main reason for its failure, in spite of a great engine and decent driving dynamics. Estilo--I dont think even the k-series engine nor the face lift is doing it any good. Ritz--Doing decent numbers, but I'm not sure if it will be consistent. Swift--Its most successful model, but why has maruti not given it a mid life facelift?? Launched in 2005, i think it deserves some new features / facelift! Dzire--Currently market leader in entry level sedans, purel due to its diesel engine, lets wait for the Manza's first yr numbers. You see, my concern is that Maruti has been doing great for the past 15 odd yrs, but they have not invested in great engines nor new models that they should have done, having so much cash at their disposal! They have taken the indian consumers for granted and i think they are going to pay a price! even the new wagon r is supposed to be just a facelift! the estilo is decade old model from japan! so nothing new has been done FOR india except may be for the dzire. Hyundai is developing a new 800cc car and I'm sure it will eat up the alto's share quickly. The next gen swift is not gonna be here until 2011, and that means punto, polo, vista will gain good advantage by then. They are too dependent on the 1.3 mjd. Toyota, Honda are fast catching up and evn they will be atleast 15-20% more expensive, people will be ready to pay for them. Is maruti complacent?
  11. @ anjan, Maruti offers 3 free services at--1000, 5000 & 10,000. @ caris passion--i got an autocops reverse parking sensor for about rs.3500, but i'm really not sure if its helping me..You see, i park in a very tight spot and the sensor guides only till 0.2 mtrs, whereas i have a pillar behind my car in my apartment parking lot which is just 10cms from the rear of my car.
  12. what a shame for renault and Mahindra JV! If the logan isnt selling well, then they should not give up and try and launch better products like the sandero and the duster. Or is it another peugeot in the making?
  13. @ caris passion--Thanks for your feedback. Currently I play music out of my sony ericcson phone thru the aux in since the phone comes with double jack ear plugs. What i'm really looking at is parking sensors. Which brand is good? Hiker?? Should i fix the regular one or the one with the rear view camera? And are these useful? My parking in my appt is very tight, I just have a about 1 ft behind to a pillar and another 1 ft to the gate at front. Will these parking sensors help in such tight spots?
  14. @ DD, yes, 7500 is quite high. I got engine flushing done, which was about 750 plus all the filters for a diesel vehicle are more expensive i think. But my friend who owns a swift diesel got a bill of only 5.5 k in another city. Guess sometimes the service stations sometimes do something uncalled for and charge you all that more.
  15. I'm back! Have currently clocked 22000kms and this my feed back:- --The general perception remains unchanged even after 22k. The car is worth every penny I paid for--6.7 lakhs for the VDI version, which is decently loaded. Now, let me list out the points that sort of bothered me:- --The braking is not very effective. At high speeds, say at above 130kmph,, when you apply brakes the car wobbles a bit. I'm not sure if this is attributed to the narrow tyres or the general braking system itself. --There is a strannge 'cranky' noise at times when I brake, especially a slow speeds. Got this checked atleast 5-6 times, infact the dealer even changed the brakes once { free of cost }, but still this noise occurs occasionally. --The HORNS!! There is a twin horn and atleast one of them conks off every now and then. The horns are placed behind the fog lamps, so to set these right, it requires quite a lot of effort and time. --Service bills--Surprisingly, I got a bill of around Rs.7500 at my 20k service. Yes, all filters, oils were changed, but I was expecting this to be around 5k. So Maruti servicing is not cheap after all. --The paint quality is not great. even a small touch here and there, the paint peels off. --There is some evident rattling on bad roads. On good roads it is quite decent. --The stereo { nippon} is just sufficient and will not satisfy an music enthusiast. And now for the positive points:- --The engine noise has not increased or anything like that. This must be one of the best diesel engines ever! Never felt short on power! --The gear box is a gem! Slick, precise, very sporty! In the city I still get about 15kmpl with AC on and in the highways I get about 16-17kmpl in spite of regularly cruising at 120-130 and touching 160kmph on quite a few occasions. --The boot space is very good, and on long trips I find this extremely useful. --There are 7 different spots for storing water bottles, at any given point of time you can atleast store 5! This you may think is not a great feature, but trust me, this is useful! My dad's logan does not even have a single slot! { his is the base diesel version}. --The alarm system { again nippon} is actually very good. The doors get locked automatically once you cross 40kmph. You get an alarm if you leave your headlights on, also if you dont open your door after unlocking it, within 30 secs it gets lockd automatically. What I wish I had done --> I should have probably changed the tyres, when I bought the car. Now i have to live with these narrow tyres and may be change them aftr 40k. And I should have added ABS, which I didnt, since I was on a budget. All in all, my view is that the dzire is a very decent car, a good choice if you need a sedan with a great diesel unit. It gives you that flexibility of a big boot, but very easy to drive around in the city, park in narrow spaces etc. This is my first car and I have been largely satisfied. Even in today's market scenario, I dont think i could have bought any other car for this price. { i'm not keen on the Manza, it is sort of big, flashy and a diesel engine that would not return the kind of figures that I'm getting in my dzire}. The dzire is not in the league of the honda citys, or the fabia sort of quality. So dont even compare. But as an overall package, i would say that it makes more sense than a logan or an indigo or even the big hatchbacks like the fabia / i20 etc { I'm specific about the diesel versions}. Happy motoring! Sujith