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  1. Ask your friends to go for it its an amazing Car go for it only if you guys are planning for more then 5yrs Note from mod: Do not create back to back posts within short time intervals, instead use the edit option or think of the matter first & then post. BornFree2009-11-30 05:55:52
  2. I like the Design and also its the same engine of Fiat (award winning) I thought of taking Swift but Swift is going to be new mmc in 2010 so I want something new so I got RITZ VDI Diesel because of long run which I planning for 7-8 yrs... to have it. I have been to Mysore and Nandhi hills its really rocks on high ways and pretty good mileage too I really love it I was maintaining speed of 80kmph and given more satisfying results in terms of Handing I would say its betting then SWIFT. Post edited Note from mod: There are far too many mistakes in the post. Post in proper English & use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-30 05:44:03
  3. For Alok, Thank you As you all know this not new engine and it is the same engine of Swift its really worth taking diesel rather then petrol for long run I am planning to keet it for more then 6-7 yrs that why I choose diesel and design I was more inspired towards Europe and UK that why I choose this. Post edited. BornFree2009-11-30 05:40:00
  4. Yes! i Got Ritz VDI last month its really Amazing one have lot of fun. Handling well and riding well, its really rocks.... I will post the pics later Edit: Font size increased, spellings corrected, capital letters used where required.BornFree2009-11-18 10:14:36
  5. Congrats good choice... i got Ritz VDI on Oct... really Rocks