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  1. I only hope I could add the flared wheel arches of the lower concept on to the SUV
  2. Here is my rendering of the Vista based SUV Concept. Length has been increased slightly. <p><a href="
  3. Lovely pic @creativebala True on your words. But TATA should remove the ladder frame and convert it into a monoque body and that will bring down most of the weight. Added to it smaller wheels and other weight reduction can bring in wonders. But I chose the Xenon as intreriors are better than Grande.
  4. TATA is all set to launch the Sierra again in the Indian market!! And we have got a picture of it. Will you believe it ??? Scroll down for more details..... Well ..... don't get angry at me for a small bluff.. Absolutely sorry i didn't mean to hurt you SIERRA fans. It's just a rendering of how will the next Compact SUV from TATA stable will look like if it is made from the Xenon platform just like the Mahindra's new Compact SUV derived from the XYLO platform. I have removed the Chassis below and used the body as monoque to redice the height and weight which will substantially reduce the body roll and control the handling. If it has to be a CS then it should hold the 1.4L CR4 engine used on the Indica-Indigo with a higher turbo to spit around 90 BHP to give the little wonder a sufficient thrust. Hopw's my Idea and also the rendering? Sorry, i'm not an expert in photoshop.
  5. THANK YOU !!! This is ASHLEY's concept van based on NV200 or 'EVALIA'
  6. The final set of pictures from me. TOYOTA KIRLOSKAR FORD CHEVROLET SKODA ASHOK LEYLAND ICML - SONALIKA More to follow in 2 wheeler section......shanthanreddyp2012-01-27 14:48:56
  7. Next in Line...Our most popular car maker.. MARUTI JAGUAR & LAND ROVER This was the place where there was lot of RUSH. Thank fully no stampede! shanthanreddyp2012-01-25 15:12:47
  9. Hi ACIans, Here are the pictures of my visit to Auto Expo 2012. Sorry for the delay. Starting with Hyundai NISSAN PEUJEOT RENAULT shanthanreddyp2012-01-23 14:59:32
  10. How much weight the Safari 'Storm' would have lost in this transit. If the weight is lessened by atleast 200-300 kgs to less than its two tonne on the previous version then it'll make a lot more peppier machine and will lessen the strain on the suspension resulting in better handling and longer life. It's also make it more fuel efficient.
  11. Post deletedshanthanreddyp2011-12-29 16:09:46
  12. With the Auto Expo 2012 around the corner what are your plans. Well I have fixed mine for sure ! Have bought my travel tickets to Delhi. But what about the Tickets to the Expo? The promoters have restricted the number of visitors to One Lakh only per Day. Again sub categorized then as Premium and General. And only from 7th to 11th Jan for all with 5th and 6th reserved for press and business participants. Ticket prices are as follows: Premium 25,000 per day and Ticket priced Rs.500/- General 75,000 per day and Ticket priced Rs.150/- On Sunday only general crowd - Rs.200/-. Well.... they are available only online through 'Book My Show'. So hurry! I have already booked mine for Sunday and again on Monday. Now eager to visit the show. Will bring you loads of pictures for sure..........