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  1. Informative thread. But the thing is all these models are the ones sold in other countries right? We have seen that when the ASEAN NCAP crash test was carried out last time in Malaysia, the Suzuki Swift scored 4 stars and now when NCAP has carried out the same test on the Swift sold in India it has failed miserably with structural disintegration over acceptable levels. Even with airbags it wouldn't have acheived 4 stars though it might have passed the test. Manufacturers are using lower quality materials in the chassis construction in India to lower costs at the sacrifice of safety.
  2. Buy a chain lubricant from bajaj or any local automobile parts shop. I think it sells for about Rs.130-Rs.170 for 100ml depending on the brand. Lubricate the bike's chain yourself every 400-500kms. And as mentioned by the others above clean the chain with brush and kerosene once in a month(about 1500kms) yourself or you could take the bike to the service centre and ask them to do it. And also get the chain tightened from time to time whenever you take it to the service centre.
  3. I own a Ford Fiesta petrol Titanium+ 2011 model and i'm eagerly waiting for this facelifted model to find out in what all ways Ford has improved the car. It's a brilliant car with almost perfect driving dynamics and I'm expecting this new one to provide the same driving pleasure as the old one. But i'm a little disappointed that it will be launched only with the diesel engine since I really like the 1.5 petrol engine which is smooth, refined and is very responsive at low rpms and powerful at high rpms although it has a very weak mid-range. Also bringing in the Ecoboost engine would also have been a good touch. But you can't blame Ford for omitting it since there was virtually no market for the petrol model of the Fiesta.
  4. I don't know where you heard such a blunder but you should never ever drive your car with the bonnet open.
  5. In my opinion, locking running cars isn't a good idea. In India, our roads aren't in the best shape and seldomcare about road discipline and hence, risk of an accident is more. In the event of an accident, if the driver is rendered unconscious upon impact, it would be easier for the rescur workers to get the driver out if the doors are unlocked. So, I don't think you should see this as a major problem. Now if you would get peace of mind only if your doors are locked, then a simple push of a button will do it. Most of the cars don't have the auto lock feature beCause of various practical and safety reasons. I hope you can bare with this minor glitch. If not, I think Nissan will be happy to help you.
  6. I think the petrol model would be the better choice as it will have lower maintenance costs and your daily running is too small for you to need the lpg model
  7. Unlike you said, GT TDI's fuel efficiency will be less than the 1.2 diesel but it is a highly superior engine compared to the 1.2 diesel. The TDI engine has always been a sprightly performer in the Vento and i reckon it will do even better in the Polo. It's got a good dose of torque and although the motor will not be as refined and creamy as the 1.2 GT TSI, it will be a good balance of fuel efficiency and performance for you. So, i think you should go for the GT TDI.
  8. Some people, like myself, like driving petrol cars more than diesel cars. Diesel cars come with more torque and most people like having that much torque at their disposal. That's why Indians love diesels so much. But for the average enthusiast, the power delivery and rev-loving nature of a petrol engine gives a kind of joy that is hard to beat. I think this personal view matters more than running costs while making a buying decision (atleast in my opinion). I own a petrol Ford Fiesta and this was what made me choose the petrol car.
  9. It's good for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts that we can experience the best in India now!
  10. Nothing can revive you like a nice drive in your car!

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      I finally got my hands on my duke 390!

  11. The yeti is a brilliant car! It's a gem on the highway and can handle bad roads quite well. In fact, it handles poor sections o well that it performs reasonably well off the road for a soft-roader! If you can look past Skoda's service, I suggest you buy the Yet i.
  12. Ahadzza, the Rapid is a brilliant car with an amazing engine(diesel) and good ride and handling. You also get the tough build quality that comes with a Skoda and the interior quality and space is great too. It's a good highway car as it is very stable and has enough grunt and boasts good fuel economy as well. But the major problem is the Skoda service! It's quite frankly, horrible. I have a relative who bought a Skoda Rapid and he loves the car but he has been complaining about the after sales service ever since he bought it. If you can look past the after sales service(which is difficult to do) you can go for the Rapid. Otherwise, in my opinion, stick to the Ecosport.
  13. After driving the Ecosport, i felt that it is no less stable on the highway than the Linea! The Ecosport is a very good highway car thanks to its great high speed ride and composure. Since it shares its chassis with the Fiesta, you can rest assured thatit is one of the most stable cars you could buy.
  14. Dealers usually advise you not to rev the cars too much before the engine oil change at the first service. This is because no matter how precise, the diameters of the cylinders and pistons will vary fractionally because of minute deformations on the metal surfaces of the pistons and cylinders. The difference will be incredibly small. As the pistons move, the deformations are remove and the minute metal particles are suspended in the engine oil. If you rev the car too much, these particles could get lodged or jammed into other parts of the cylinder by the piston. This is why there is an engine oil change at the first service. So, its not the speed of the car that matters but the engine revs that matter. As long as you don't rev the engine to its redline and keep the revs in the mid-range your car will be perfectly fine. You can drive at speeds that you can attain by keeping the engine revving in its mid-range. I'm sure you'll have a great drive in your BMW 320D as I've heard and read the car is great to drive and is comfortable too. Have a nice drive.
  15. Thank you tejen. I'll take my car to a Petes shop and ask their advice on what to do! After all, they are the best at what they do.