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  1. Usually,reverse gear is not as smooth as other gears due to the foll: 1)Fwd gears are in synchromesh while reverse uses sliding mesh. 2)The extra effort needed to engage reverse prevents accidental shifting from fwd to rev. But if you still have a feeling that the gear is not proper,pls get it sorted out from the dealer.
  2. The user manual of ANHC on pg.74 mentions the foll: 1)Inst panel will illuminate when driver door is opened. 2)Illumination goes off after 30 sec if key not inserted. 3)Illumination goes of after 10 sec if key inserted but not turned to ON position(II) 4)Inst panel illumination dims when parklight or headlight is turned ON. 5)The above dimming of inst panel can be cancelled by turning the "Select/reset knob" to the right until a beep is heard. In my ANHC, only point no.4) is functional. The rest are not present. Kindly reply if anyone has noticed the above features. PS.For windshield washer, what is to be used?- Windshield washer fluid or plain water?
  3. For around the same price u will get a new SX4 which has more features than Optra LS.Since u are considering both the cars in the same segment(premium C),its better to go for a new one. The main modification in new SX4 is that it has a VVT(variable valve timing)engine to comply with BS-IV norms.Power has marginally increased( i think from 102ps to 104.68ps).Other changes include a 10spoke alloy,cosmetic changes in cabin,front grill etc. Other options would be Linea(almost same price),Manza(lesser),City(1 to 1.5lacs more).
  4. Congrats on your new car! I have been using an Indica for around 7 years & I appreciate Tata's ability to always come out with VFM people's cars.Over the years, they have improved a lot on their weaknesses like refinement,quality etc.With the kind of features & equipments,I believe Manza will be the star performer for Tata. One suggestion regarding Extended Warranty. Dont expect too much from it. If you see the details, you will find that it covers all those main&sturdy parts like engine,transmission etc for mfg. defects & these parts are unlikely to fail in that timeframe.Ext. warranty does not cover any worn out part. But, yes,ext.warranty can come to your rescue in the unfortunate event of an untimely failure.So the conclusion is that u can go for ext. warranty but bear in mind that it will be helpful only in a worst case scenario. Pleasant driving!
  5. The alternator as a whole would prove to be costly but only the belt may be around Rs.500/-.Is the "Battery not charging" indicator lit up on the inst. panel? If so,there can be some problem with any of the alternator components or charging circuit which a mechanic will be able to find out. By the way,if you suspect any play in the belt,u can check it for yourself since checking belt tension is easy.
  6. @rki2007 Sorry for late reply. Normally,the initial 1000km is known as "Running in" wherein the manufacturer advices not to over stress the engine so as to ensure better mating of the new parts.Proper "Running in" care will be beneficial in the long run."Running in " instructions apply to both Diesel & Petrol engines. Coming to your 2nd ques,"launch" & "date of mfg" are different terms. "Launch" simply means unveiling a new model in the market. A model launched in Jan 2010 may have been manufactured in the previous year. In such a case ur registration date will be Jan 2010 but mfg date will be 2009.
  7. @ameetwalia i have emailed the reply.
  8. @ameetwalia Waiting for your reply to my post.
  9. Hi! I am also going for the City. I am from Navi Mumbai & have enquired at Hallmark.They have offered a discount of Rs.15000/- only + free floor mats.Pls give details about your dealer.
  10. Thanks for the replyboth of you. @bornfree-I guess honda has not provided for a cabin light at the RVM. Instead only one at the centre.
  11. Hi, Congrats on your new car! I have test driven the all new City & SX4 and now in the satge of finalising.Higher price notwithstanding,I am slightly more inclined towards the City.I would like to know from you the following minor details which I failed to notice during TD: 1)Are the power window switches on the door illuminated? 2)I see that there is only one middle cabin roof light.Is it convenient for the driver to access it? 3)Is there a trunk light in the boot? 4)Is "door open" warning present? I would be grateful if you could reply. Thanks...... rkw