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  1. hmmm..... thnanks 4 ur suggestions bros........ nw i can surely go for CIVIC 1.8V which is just launched in june dis year does any1 have any idea of its final cost after all taxes n all Note From Admin: Please avoid SMS lingo. FuelRunGod2007-11-01 10:37:56
  2. hey I want to buy a new car. A big car with beauty and having great power woudl like more power and acceleration on roads of delhi. Having budget of around 10 lakhs . Some friends r suggesting on SX4 , CIVIC 1.8V ( latest ) , OPTRA , FIESTA. Im so confused ... please help with choosing a good one. my gal would also be driving that car so should be havng elegant interiors and ease of drive also budget could increase if the car is really good. Note From Admin: Next time please take time out to type full words and avoid sms language. It helps us to maintain the quality of the forum. FuelRunGod2007-10-31 10:37:07