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  1. Thankyou everybody for your valuable infrmations.I asked because engine is not smooth as before.We already have discussed about it in another thread.Serviced the car last week,but they told it is normal.But we know about our car more than them.
  2. Hi All I have a query here.Please share your valuable ideas with me.Is their any need to use any engine oil additives with castrol magnatec 10W 40[sM]?I think it already has the essential additives needed for an engine.Does adding extra additives makes running the engine more smoother?My vehicles is 2007 santro.
  3. [Can you say briefly, how its been rectified & what all been changed so that it could help others. As i told they took the car to the service centre and test drove to find where the problem is,then they found thermostat valve is blocked and cooling system is not working properly.So they replaced thermostat and cleared the valve.Also flushed the radiator and filled new 2L diluted coolant.
  4. One more doubt i want to clear.When the engine is overheated,service guys came to my home and filled the water in tadiator[without coolant].Then they connected the fan directly so that it always rotates when key is on.BUt my question is what is the use of this fan connected directly without cooling system rotating the engine?Thermostat valve was blocked.Does this lead to the engine become overheating when the service guys drove the car to service centre 20 kms far away from my home?Why just they did not towed the car?
  5. No the car is not overheating is fine now.
  6. Yes i have done last service one month before and changed oil,oil filter,air filter,gear oil and coolant.But not changed fuel filter.
  7. Sanjay Sir I am using castrol magnatec as per your comments.Engine is smooth at cold climates especially at early morning and night.But the climate becmes hot engne losts smoothness and it is hard to revv.Can you explain why?
  8. I am typing what they have entered in the bill. Thermostat Assembly-Rs 414 Thermostat Valve Correcting-Rs 242.
  9. yes they have replaced a new thermostat and done thermostat adjustment.What is this thermostat adjustment?
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    I am sorry for those sms languages.
  11. My 2007 santro [12000km]?has overheated 3 days back and the coolant reservoir has become empty.I hav called Hyundai ASS nearby then and service guys drove the car to service centre by connecting the fan directly.They told thermostat has gone and need to be replaced.Then the problem had fixed.But now i realized that it take 2 more minutes to get the needle in centre position of the metre in idle,before it took only 5 mins.Also i hav realized that engine is heating more after journeys,but needle is shown at the centre position only.I told this abt it to the service guy,but he is laughing by hearing this.We know abt our car more than a service guy right..Someone plz help me..CYRUS432010-01-09 19:42:10
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    hi everyone i m vinu frm blore.
  13. So wat about the number of valves per cylinder?WAts the benefits of more valves per cylinder?For instance santro has only 3 valves per cylinder,but WagonR has 4 valves per cylinder/