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  1. Hey thanks a lot and please do let me know the how-to-do -it technique
  2. Thanks for your advice.Any idea about the price? any online store?
  3. During engine oil changing of my Scorpio mhawk, the mechanic helper of the local garage disconnect the battery post while the ignition key was still inserted in the ignition key.After oil changing and reconnection of the battery the vehicle won't start and the engine is immobilised. What am I to do? Please help as we do not have any authorised servicing station for Mahindra Scorpio here in Mizoram.
  4. Please suggest a subwoofer and an amplifier to go with it (or a bass tube) which can be fitted in my Scorpio mhawk vlx 8 seater.Also please suggest where I can fit. Am not a hardcore audiophile so a decent sub will suffice for my purpose.