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  1. Hi, I need a Petrol Hose Pipe from Mouth to Tank for my Fiat Palio 1.6v Petrol. Can somebody source the same in mumbai or chennai as it is not available in Coimbatore. thanks Ram
  2. Hi, I will have the same checked and revert back. Ram
  3. Hi, Got the Crank Sensor replaced. The car is running smoothly but then there is a problem with regard to the missing which gives jerks but as you press the pedal it starts to run. Any advice on that problem. Ram
  4. Ok Noted. I am also checking with my source in Delhi on the parts and the availability. I am getting the pics and price. The price quoted by Delhi for the crank sensor is approx Rs. 1200 - 1300 and for the throttle body it is Rs. 5000. But i am planning now just to go ahead with the crank sensor and then giving it to some other service station and get a feedback from them as to what all has been done and whether the amount charged to me is justifiable. Ram
  5. Hi FRG, Any news on your visit to Opera House on saturday. thanks Ram
  6. Yes, since we all have our work cut out we rely on complete faith of the service station to do a good and proper job for the same. I feel that i should take the car to TAFE who are Fiat and Tata Dealers and see what they say. I have spoken to the GM of My TVS and right from the Regional Manager to the Franchisee Manager have been involved. But looking at the way they have handled this thing, it seems that they are more dependent upon the service station than the other way. I will check if there are any other good engineers who can help me out with my problem or else if you can give me the numbers or details of good mechanics who can solve the problems, pls do give it to me. thanks
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    Hi, Maybe it is true, but it all depends on how you keep you car. I treat my car like my baby and ensure that it does not have any problem. I have owned a fiat earlier also and my passionate with the way my car functions. Ram
  8. Dear Dtandon, Thanks and will do the needful. Will also register as you suggested in the palio users group in yahoo. Ram
  9. Dear 5u3zEr0, Further to my earlier post, i forgot to mention that now the car is not starting and the conclusion is that the Crank Sensor has to be replaced and for the missing the Throttle body has to be replaced. The Throttle body misses only when driven slow, when you drive fast it does not stall and move.According to my source in New Delhi for the parts, when i spoke to him today he clearly says that either the crank sensor would go or the throttle body but not both at the same time. I am planning to change the crank sensor and then see how the car behaves, as of now the car is not even starting due to the crank sensor not functioning. thanks, Ram
  10. Dear 5u3zEr0, Thanks for the reply and sharing your experience with me. To answer your questions in order, the car has done approx 55,000 kms, the model is july 2003 and i bought it this year in june end 2009. The previous owner was servicing this car in My TVS and hence i also followed the pratice to maintain parity and continuity. I drove the car for nearly 4 months before giving it for servicing. I put it for servicing in the 1st week of October. That was the first time that i went to My TVS and that i was not present during any of the operations that took place. It was pure blind faith on the reputation of the company. The first problem with the car as analysed by them was the timing belt - Rs. 1475 which was changed along with the Fixed Tensioner - Rs. 2445 and Belt Tensioner - 2455. The labour was Rs. 1250. Rest of the cost for chaning the head lamps, engine scanning charges, new engine front bed plus oil change and wash. The day i took possession of the car the alternator failed when the same was working well when the car was given for servicing. When complained to My TVS they sent the car to another franchisee to rectify the problem. The spares cost was Alternator regulator - Rs. 1900 + Rs. 1200 for Alternator redfire + Rs. 600 for Sports bulk. When after fixing the alternator problem the car started to shudder and stop. When My TVS analysed they said that the Piston and Value has to be replaced along with the head. They had no alternative but to send to the first franchisee who came to the conclusion that the fuel injector had failed and the petrol tank had lost of dust which had to be cleaned. They replaced the same and i was billed a total of Rs. 16000 including labour charges. When i took possession of the car it was perfect and running smooth. How come within 4 days of running and that too only 100 kms could the Crank Sensor and the Throttle Body fail. It is quite surprising and nobody seems accountable for the same. I am also given the explanation that the person who held the car earlier did not maintain this car properly, that rats have played havoc with the wires in the car and hence this problem. I clearly and squarely agree with you that the pleasure and smile that it puts in your face when driving is something that can be felt only by somebody who has the passion and heart for this vehicle. Hope that my Palio is up and running so that i can enjoy the joy of driving a car with a heart. thanks Ram
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    Yes, Truly a drivers car. The pleasure of driving can be felt only when you are in the drivers seat.
  12. Spoken to Mr. Shah of Shah Motors, he will come back to me on Monday on the parts only and only if he gets a genuine packed piece. According to him in opera house Throttle body that is being sold is second hand, that has been taken from some other vehicle, cleaned and rectified for which there is no guarantee. I will keep you posted on developments from Delhi also.
  13. Yes, it would be of great help. The part nos are as below : CRANK SENSOR - C 1 4 2 4 7 9 9 7 5 THROTTLE BODY - 4 6 S X F 3 / B 0 0 7 1 2. I will be getting the prices from Delhi in the next couple of hours from one source and the other source would give me the price by the evening. If you are going to opera house then get in touch with Shah Motors - Mr. Mahendra Bhai Shah - Tel # 2388 3333. This contact is from a source in Kolhapur. I will be speaking to Mr. Shah in a short while from now and give you the info on my talk.
  14. Hi, Thanks. What do i do now. I will have to put in a new crank sensor to alteast start the car and making it moving. Regarding the throttle body i can still work out by moving at a reasonable speed so that there is no missing due to which the car stops. I have contacted a couple of people in Mumbai and Delhi for the parts as the price quoted by the service station is very high. My fear is that once i put in these parts and get the car back to driving, maybe some other problem could be highlighted. I am at loss of words.
  15. Hi FRG, Can you help me in locating Subzero to have my problem solved.
  16. Thanks for your reply and help. Hopefully this thing should be sorted out at the earliest. Regarding my TVS i beg to differ after what i have gone thru. All they do is talk and fleece you to the maximum. I think that they have no clue as to how to repair a Palio.
  17. Hi, The Car after coming from the service station runs well for 3 - 4 days and then some problem or the other crops up. The service station then gives me a run down as to why you bought this car, the spares are not easily available. It is ridden with problems etc etc.. Since i love fiat and driving a palio is a experince in itself i am tolerating whatever is being said but then don't you feel that there is a limit to everything. I am in touch with people in mumbai to help me out of this mess and that my car runs at its best.
  18. Hi FRG, Thanks for your reply and help. Yes, i also feel the same. The first time i gave it for servicing The timing belt and bearings were changed as there was a sound which was heard when the car used to run slow. At that time i paid a bill of Rs. 20000 which included a labour charge of Rs. 4600 and the parts were for Rs. 15500. The day i took the car from the service station in the evening the car's battery got drained out and had to call the breakdown guys of My TVS who charged me Rs. 500. When i took up this matter with My TVS top bosses they then took the car and gave it some other franchisee of their to set the alternator. The bill for that was Rs. 5500. When the car was returned to me it started to shudder and stop. With repeated complaints My TVS came to the conclusion that the piston and valve had to be replaced. The car then was taken to the first service station who did the timing belt changes and they came to the conclusion that the fuel injector was blocked which i changed and was presented with a bill of Rs. 16000. For four days the car was running smoothly and then again it conked off. I somehow drove the car from Tirupur to Coimbatore and when it reached the service station it refused to start again. The analysis of the service station was that the crank sensor is gone and that the throttle body has to be changed. The estimate according to them for changing these is approx Rs. 12000 - 15000. I have refused to pay and am working with people known to me and also with auto car forum to get this problem solved and that i need not spend any money further and that the car will run for a long time. The mechanics of the car is very good and it is only the electronics and the electricals that is playing havoc now. Need your experience and guidance on the same. thanks.
  19. Hi, For your last question which i missed out, NO i was not present while the car was being serviced. It was given totally in good faith.
  20. Hi, I have tried that also. I feel that a known devil is better than a unknown angel. Is there any way somebody who is an expert in palio cars based in chennai or coimbatore who can help me out.
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    Hi, I own and drive a Fiat Palio 1.6v GTX petrol which i bought second hand just 6 months back.
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    Thanks for the same.
  23. Hi All, I have a Palio 1.6v GTX sports and am based in Cimbatore. I put the car for servicing with the My TVS Group. Till the time I gave the car for servicing it was running very good. Once after servicing I am facing problem galore. During the servicing I had to change the timing belt, changed the headlights and had the oil changes etc. After servicing the alternator went kaput and had to pay again for the same. After it came back from the alternator repairing the car started to shudder and when taken back to the service station they came up with a new problem of the fuel injector being blocked and replaced one injector. I drove the vehicle for 4 days and yesterday it started to miss fire. The problem analysed was that the crank sensor is not working and the throttle body has to be replaced. I fail to understand that I had no problem in driving this car from June to October and now half of the time my car is in the service station and am just spending money based on the service stations word. Can somebody help me in getting this problem solved. Thanks Post edited Note: Use capital letters where required.BornFree2009-11-27 13:02:24