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  1. Dude, Great choice. I went to TD ANHC last week. Wife walks over to Jazz and she is jazzed by the whole package and she really doesnt think its expensive. Well, the only heart breaker was Jazz doesnt have an A/T and that what she was looking at. If there was an A/T at the current price - i would have loved to own one too. Anyway, great buy. Enjoy your time
  2. Are you by any chance referring to the Small Car Concept displayed by Honda? because CRZ will be in an altogether different league price wise. And if you are referring to the Concept car from Honda, it will be going for production sometime in 2011 and this is too early to talk abt it IMHO.
  3. Folks I TDed AT SX4. I waited eagerly for Expo. No news about VW price and if A/T is going to be offered initially. So thought of TDing ANHC this weekend. I am in Bangalore and there are 3 Dealers. Anyone from Bangalore have a good sales experience with these dealers, can you please let me know? Pointers to the sales folks would be helpful.
  4. ^^^^ Base for 6.15L. Hmmm, is that from Dealer or any website? If it is not a problem, can you please tell the source?
  5. Well, in ET - VW commented that the price range will be in the range of Fabia, Jazz and i20. So i am not really surprised with the 7L price. That too without TSI and DSG.
  6. Page 7 of the brochure, right below the Engine picture, it says Diesel will soon be available in India. So we may not get this in Feb/March.
  7. Where is the rear door? Cant see it. Is this the same as BEAT?
  8. I liked the exterior. Interior, i prefer RED on the outside. Grey seats for me please. Price it in ANHC/Linea range and we should have some nice price drops?
  9. Hmm, looks like bookings are gonna open pretty soon! VW Polo India website
  10. Now this is interesting. Asked about the pricing of the car, Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd, member of Board and Director Neeraj Garg said it would be very competitive and in the range of Honda Jazz, Hyundai I20 and Skoda Fabia. hrmanju12010-01-05 08:40:09
  11. same old Picture. Same old Polo and same old people.
  12. VW Polo Highline- model sporting 15 inch alloy wheels, Front airbags, ABS, engine immobiliser, MP3 player stereo. . hrmanju12010-01-05 08:11:13
  13. Polo Details Polo 1.2 litre Petrol 75 bhp@5400rpm, 110nm@3750rpm Polo 1.2 Litre diesel 75bhp@4200rpm & 180nm@2000rpm 5 speed gearbox. 15" wheels 2 airbags Will hit the road in March 2010. Prices nearer to the release