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  1. @sgiitk: Thank your for your advice and comment. Do you think that the fuel efficiency would improve after 2nd service? I am getting only 10 km /lit in city ( the car has run 1800 km ) @sbalto: Thank you for your advice. Any idea about the cost of this? Note from MOD: This is how you should post. Avoid multiple posts sgiitk2010-01-25 06:30:43
  2. Yamboy Here I disagree. Breaking in my vehicle is excellent. I dont know whether it is because of ABS ( mine is Asta ) . I have breaked and stopped the vehicle in less than 2 feet ( while driving at 80 kmph ). ( a two wheeler motorist was saved ). Another problem with i10 is the poor light, which i forgot to mention ..
  3. yamboy, I simply hope that fuel efficiency will improve after 3000 km. Other problems with my i10 - reverse and first gear are not smooth. Sometime I hear a noice while shifting to reverse. Seat belt warning sign doesnt work. So much of issues with a new car ! I dont understand why such a car is being sold out in huge numbers. I am planning to exchange the car for a new Ritz Diesel ( with ABS ). But i am a bit hesitant since the depreciation will be very high ( more than 1 lakh ). I will use this for 1 year and dispose it off. @Amiti Normally FE of automatic cars is less than that of manual cars. That means you are getting excellent mileage. Congrats.
  4. Dear Amiti I am a bit disappointed about the mileage of my i10 Asta ( Manual ).. I am getting around 9 km/lit in city with 50% AC and 14.75 km/lit on highway with 25% AC. HMIL says the mileage will increase after 3000 km. Is it correct? what is your expereince? My car has run 1600km and I am giving for 1st service during this week-end. Unnikrishnan
  5. This is not the right answer. Immobilser is installed on all Hyundai vehicles manufactured from April 2009 I think you must take up this with cosumer court.
  6. amiti any update on the immobilser issue??
  7. @ creativebala please add Ritz to the list of competetors in B Segment
  8. Moderators kindly let us know why unniprabha is banned. I was reading his/her posts for the past few weeks. Very short and comprehensive. He/she never used abreviations and observed the rules of the foum.
  9. Dear Freinds I have a temptation to buy BEAT after reading about it. Top end comes with auto climate control and it is only 4.35 L ex-showroom..Kindly give your suggestion.
  10. Hi Wishing you a very prosperous and peaceful 2010 My budget is 5.5 Lakhs. Requirements: Medium hatchback with ABS.
  11. What a dramatic change ?! Driven 275 km on from Delhi to Chandigarh and obtained a mileage of 14.73 km / lt ( 25% AC )..Speed was 80 to 100 kmph most of the time. The car has run 1325 km. I hope the mileage would further improve after the first service ( 1st service booked on 23rd Jan with Hyundai Motor Plaza, New Delhi ).
  12. Amiti, Fuel Efficiency of your car is excellent. In my opinion, the figures are outstanding for an automatic vehicle.
  13. reply to "expert" Not solved. I will try the solutions suggested in this forum..I am taking my car to the service centre during 3rd week of January. I would raise this issue there. thanks
  14. rshh the noice comes only during the transition from nutral to reverse. Once the gear is in its place, then there is no noice. The noice doesnt come when we start the engine and engage reverse ( without engaging any forward gear ). Please advise unniprabha
  15. Dear Friends I want to fix Rear Fog Lamp for my new i10 Asta. Please advise
  16. my new i10 had the same problem .But a tip from the dealer worked. When you shift to reverse from a forward gear, bring it to nutral first, wait for 3 seconds and shift to reverse. Try this
  17. Car catched fire..woman burnt alive ..No CNG/LPG was fitted inside the burnt car.. Auto giants are compromising on quality of cars being manufactured in India???
  18. Dear Friends, This is to discuss the mileage of i10 kappa 1.2. Hyundai Motors claims a mileage of 17 km/lit ...My vehicle - i10 Asta 1.2 ( manual ) - has run 375 kms.. I am getting a mileage of only 10.01 km / lit on city driving with 25% A/C Other owners, please share your experience..
  19. thank you RKNG for the info. I will not be raising this with hyundai service centre.
  20. Dear Amiti, They say it is normal with ABS Breaks. I dont know the truth. However when they demonstrated with i20 Asta, I experienced the same noice. I will raise this issue again during the first service and I will update you on this. Noice doesn't come always. only when I apply break ( hard break ) on uneven surfaces and on my office parking where the floor is very smooth. Hyundai says under these cirumstances, since there is a tendency to get the wheel locked,ABS is getting activated and hence the noice and pulsuating feeling on breaks. Please keep updated regarding your immobiliser issue. Mine is manual. Mileage, I hvant checked. I will update on this.
  21. amiti Thanks for the info. so my vehicle is oct 09. but my no. is MALAN, I dont know the diff. Regarding immobiliser, check your invoice, in my invoice it is written i10 Asta 1.2 imm ..."imm" stands for immobiliser, this was confirmed with HMP. Now all the points got clarified regarding my car. I was disturbed with the noice from break during hard breaking over humps and smooth parking surfaces. This was comfirmed normal with HMP. They did a demo with i20 asta. a small problem remains. The seat belt sign goes off even if the belt is not used, not a big issue, can be rectified during 1st service. Do follow with HMIL regarding your imm. issue. They must do something on this. good luck Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required & avoid the use of "----".BornFree2009-12-03 18:06:52
  22. dear rssh, for clarifying this, I spent 2 hours in HYundai Motor Plaza, Delhi. The Hyundai Engr was very patient and cooperative. He tested the car by drving it/ breaking it overhumps and potholes. Finally he explained ABS with diagrams. When the vehicle get over a hump and the wheel is at the top most point of the hump, the wheel and ground contact reduces to minimum. At this point if the break is active, there is tendency for getting the wheel locked. System recognise this and ABS is activeted,, that is why the sound and pulsation from breaks . To convince me further, he demonstrated the same with i20 Asta demo vehicle. Experiennce was same. Feel happy that, this point got clarified. Regards
  23. Dear rssh Thanks for the link. But this is not giving me the stuff... show some error. Can you give some other lonk? But ABS Breaks make noice. see the text from Hyundai web site ABS - makes you listen and feel Anti-lock Braking has a distinctive noise and feel. So if you find your brakes sounding or feeling different, relax. A groaning noise, a rapid pulsing of the brake pedal, a periodic dropping of the brake pedal, a hard brake pedal and a light that turns on to say low traction, are part and parcel of the braking system.
  24. Dear Amiti, rssh please tell me , how to check the month of manufacturing. I get krrr noice from break while negotiating humps. Is it normal ( websites say, ABS breaks make some noice ) Amiti, please tell me how to check whther my car has immobiliser Regards Unnikrishnan
  25. Hi Amiti. Thanks for your info. I beleive my vehicle has immobiliser but I am not sure. The immobilser sign glows and goes off while switching on the engine. I dont kow how to check it. If you tell me, I will check it out. you can mail me at Regards preetha