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  1. Dangerous looking floor mats! But all of those cases involved LHD cars, and some of the model mentioned are not even here. Could it be the drive-by-wire thingy?
  2. Nizwien, Are yot sure? Satria Neo & Savvy are in different class.. and Satria is 3 doors hatch. Swift in Malaysia (also 5-doors for both standard 1.5 & 1.6 Sport) on the other hand is considered a Premium Hatch - and definately is not in competition with both Savvy & Satria. In India, top speed is not the main concern. Things like durability, frugality & ability to withstand the road & traffic condition here. And good after sales service too.
  3. Seriously.. R15 vs Ninja 250? Have you guys tried the Ninja? By the time you spend all the money to mod the R15, I it will cost you almost the same amount of the Ninja. And it won't be road legal too.. I'm not saying R15 is inferior, but Ninja 250 is a different class altogether. It is not a fair comparison. gtmaniac2009-11-17 06:52:55
  4. Best brand (for me) is Autoart & Kyosho.
  5. He told me it will be another 2-3 month before receiving a new lot. For the time being, have to make do on whatever he have right now.
  6. THanks man! Even I also still not done playaing with them!
  7. Cyrus, How do you know that.... hahaa.. u're right! Can, no problem! I'm in South Mumbai
  8. Some of my 1/18 scale models - most bought in India:
  9. Other different between FZ16 & FZ150 is the fuel injection - hence the FZ150i badge.
  10. Please Answer this question too. I guess A is coming from South and wants to go to East. While B is coming from North and wants to go to East. So who will have the Right of Way First-- A or B? B should have the right. But this normally depends on who apporached the junction first.
  11. Interesting topic! As an expat living here in Mumbai, I only recently dare to buy a car & drive myself, only after 2 years learning most of driving 'tips' from taxis & call cabs. Here are my comments & findings: Honking - First few months I refrain myself using the horn very much. But then people is doing 30km/h on the right lane on expressway/4-lane road... The line on the road - I assumed this line is to divide 2 lane line other countires. But most drivers (especially taxis) normally driving ON the line - blocking both of the line and make it hard to overtake them. And I always shock cars from opposite lane coming into my lane in break-neck speed & blaring horn & high beam! (occur on the flyover road where the Porsche showroom are in South-Mumbai). Side-mirror & turn indicator - and i very much agree with some of the forumners regarding the usage of these items. They are simply useless. If you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere else in the world - true... maybe in Bangkok or Shanghai. I remember sending some travel agents & journalist (not from this publication) driving in my country (highway & country roads) and they ended up in passanger seats after a number of 'hand-sign' and sharp stare from other users. Why? Changing to the fast lane in the expressway doing 60km/h, with no indicator and with cars approaching behind doing 110-120km/h. And finally - the road itself. This one I couldn't comment very much. I respect the forumners sensitivity. But you all know how is it. And manufacturers have to tune the cars they wanted to sell here according to this. That's why your 2.0 civic here is still running on 15-inch wheels - even the so-called sport model running the same size. And because of this tuning, the car handling is not quite as good as other countries are enjoying. I observed most cars here (Mumbai) are driven by personal driver/chaffeur, even small car. I assumed these people are not really educated or even understand the road manners. Is it because of this, they don't really following the law? Is there any some sort of test before you get a driving licence? Not everybody is a bad driver - I came by a some fellow drivers (which I assumed the car owners) that drive responsibly. But the number is embarassingly small. I'm scared once I get back to my home country, this habit will continue.. I'm here not to condemn this country - sorry if fellow forumners are offended. I hope all this will change in future. Regards.