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  1. Thats a great idea Cyrus. Let us see when it works out :-) Regards, Girish
  2. @RameshBabu, Glad to know that you own a Xylo. I hope you are having a good experience with it. I had been to the M&M plant; I keep going there now and then to be precise, as my uncle works there. So, I am lucky enough to get guided tours of the factory for free :-) I was amazed to see the Scorpio production line...its too good. M&M has come a long way from where it was a decade back!!! My all time favrite from M&M is the Scorpio. Regards, Girish
  3. Sure mate :-) What would be your suggestion? Cheers, Girish
  4. Dear All, Girish here from Nasik. Though I am an IT professional, I am a car enthusiast as well and a regular reader of Autocar magazine. I am a staunch follower of F1 and never miss it. I am a fan of Ferrari. Its sad that they didn;t do well this year and hope things change next season. Coming to cars, I like the hatches and the SUV's. I have a good old Alto at the moment and soon planning to upgrade to a premium hatch. I have Fabia, Punto, and Polo in my mind. Lets see...which one I finally end up buying. I joined this forum only yesterday and looking forward to the exciting journey ahead! Regards, Girish
  5. Dear All, I am planning a premium hatchback, and I have short-listed 3 cars - Punto Emotion Diesel, Fabia Diesel, and I20. Being a Ferrari fan, I am a bit inclined towards the Punto, which is no doubt a good car. I also liked the Fabia. Where the Punto let me down was the interiors, which are not as exciting as the Fabia's but the ride and handling and the Masserati looks impressed me. I want to know if I can go ahead with it? Is the VW Polo worth the wait and when is it coming? Punto owners, please share your experience with the car. Thanks. Regards, Girish