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  1. Sorry for some mistakes in the post.....typing from my mobile..... Have a safe drive....
  2. hi everyone... Today when returning from madurai, I saw the 2014 facelifted fiesta parked on the highway near ford company. I requested the test driver to have a look at the car. He allowed me to do so. Some details of the car according to that driver & my observation. 1.Only diesel engine available. 1.5 tdci 90 bhp. No petrol engines even for the test as of now. 2. The person quoted 20kmpl on the highway around 100kmph. 3.This fiesta gets two reverse & fog lamps at the rear.....unlike the single reverse & rear fog lamps on the old one. 4.all new rear & front bumper. 5.sync system on the top end variant like the ecosport. 6.rear have more knee &legroom now...Thanks for the scooped out back of the front street. black interiors....beige colour now looks airy....may change in production variant. 8.rear seats get reading lights....which is absent on the old fiesta. per the driver high beam light is good enough to light the road. 10.built quality is good as like the existing fiesta. 11.Road testing of the car will be closed by this month......expect launch in June or July. 12.One of the road test car have clocked over major issues so far. 13.front of the car looks sporty with that aston martin look. 14.front & rear lights are now slimmer & sharper. 15. The is very stable at highspeeds like the existing fiesta as per the driver. 16.Ford planing to price the top end variant of the fiesta at 12 lakhs on road chennai. 17.alloy wheels look sporty 5 twin spoke alloy. 18.195/60 r15 tyres. I couldn't notice much.....also I didn't take pictures.....sorry guys....
  3. Hi, everyone... My little beast had crossed 10000km 2 months back. . Total service cost for the 10000km is Rs.3689. Accessories added. Door scuff plate. Rs.1605. (available only for the front) Engine guard. Rs.5591.(to protect the engine below) Total cost for 10000km service with accessories is Rs.10885.
  4. Given my little beast for the 1st service today. 2500km or 6 months whichever is earlier. My ecosport has crossed 2500km mark.
  5. The broken roads are nightmare of the past, since this is my first SUV i was at home even on the broken roads. Ride quality is stiff at low speeds. Mileage: 13 kmpl (entire trip, it was a speed drive most of the time, hillstation, cities, highways) My little beast at rest after the trip.
  6. Hill station & SUV an perfect combination. Really enjoyed the Hill station with my little beast.
  7. Hello everyone, Recently took my little beast for a long trip. Chennai-Pondy-Yercaud-Pondy-Chennai. Total distance covered 900km. 2 day trip. Engine: Since my car has crossed more than 1000km i decided to give an fast driving. You know what, i am amazed by the way the engine performed, absolute gem of an engine. It had enough grunt in it. Even post 120kmph the acceleration was potent.It reached 160kmph in no time, then after it was a bit slow. Managed to reach 180kmph+ speed on an open road. Engine was a little audible at higher speeds but not that intrusive. Even the vibration from the engine is well controlled. Driving through the hills was also quite good, but it needed frequent gear changes, if you are in the right gear you have the power to pull the car. Attained 180+kmph.(pic was taken by my co passenger) A pit stop on the way from Pondy to Yercaud. HANDLING: Really amazed by the way this little beast handled. Iniially i was tentitive, because it is an SUV. Later it proved wrong, it was absolutely stable, i did drive it in the way as i used to drive my all new fiesta. It had that gene in it. I simply fell in love with my beast. Braking was excellent, Car held its line even under hard braking. These goodyear assurance tyres offered excellent grip all through the trip. I dint expect such level of grip from these tyres. When anyone get your ecosport with these goodyear assurance tyres , dont change it.
  8. My car has factory fitted leather seats. Its available in top end titanium option.
  9. Yes the tweeter space is there.But its actually empty inside. When the vehicle has been launched the top end variant was the only variant to get the tweeters as per brochures. But there has been certain changes in the variants from the vehicles produced from the month of september, 2013. So my car doesnt have the tweeter in it. Mine is produced in the month of september 2013.
  10. Power window adjustment switches, Actually there is no tweeter even in the top end variant. In fiesta this power window adjustment switches are very painful to use, they are not ergonomically good, nice to see they made some adjustment for ecosport, easily falls in to hand. Door pads have a nice cushion for arm rest. ABC pedals have good spacing between them, Useful dead pedal. Brakes are responsive has good bite, Clutch is light, Accelerator is responsive.
  11. Sun Visors: Driver side has no mirror. Passenger side has a mirror with lighting. Lumbar support adjustment for driver seat, Head light knob, rotatory style, good quality, no fog lamps at the rear!!! ORVM adjustment, Door unlock handle.
  12. Storage: Front door pad has two bottle holders each. can hold two 1 litre bottles each. Central part has three cup holders, cell phone holder. Note the aux input & usb input points. Glove box is adequate. Not so deep. Has a chiller function, you can direct th ac airflow in it with just opening the knob. Boot; Smaller when compared to duster, bigger when compared to an hatch back. Around 350 litres. Sunglass holder, note the mic for sync. A small card holder, Very flimsy plastic, can be broken easily.