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  1. Maximim Mileage got from my Fiat Linea MJD, measured by tankful method. City with Ac - 15 kms/liter Highways - 21 kms/liter.
  2. Dr.Nishu, I own a Linea MJD Dynamic Pack, & am driving the same for the past 15 months & covered 27 k kms. To me there no issues of repairs as you have doubted about the Clutch, Hydraulic & other Mechanicals. The car is still as good it is when I had bought it 15 months back. The service herein Coimbatore is really fantastic(I do not know about other places), day before yesterday my car was called for a free check up, it was done in 2 hours with exceptional quality. Frankly speaking nowadays I do not respond to the negative critisism about Fiat Service as I am very comfortable with the car & service offered. Another aspect you have mentioned, 75% votes of criticism while thinking about Fiat Punto, whether these 75% own a Fiat Car ? (No offence ment). If you are confident in owning a Fiat car then I feel the confidence levels would be there about the car & service.
  3. @BornFree By any chance have you increased the Wattage of the Head Lamps(dimmer light).
  4. Honda Petrol - 2773 vs VW Vento Petrol+Diesel - 3973(If the said figures are correct), I dont think Honda is Dethroned.
  5. FORD FIESTA - BONANZA SALE IN COIMBATORE Coimbatore city has one more player in the call taxi sector called "Taxi Taxi" launched last Thursday with a fleet of 50 luxury cars. Taxi Taxi will redefine the call taxi system by introducing a fleet of 50 Ford Fiesta luxury cars at a tariff of Rs. 30 for first two km and Rs. 15 per every additional km. In another 10 days, another 50 cars will be added to the fleet. Over the remaining nine months another 300 cars to be added. The existing call taxi operators offer only Omni and Indica cars from their fleet, whereas Taxi Taxi will have air-conditioned Ford Fiesta. Taxi Taxi has a separate control room with GPS tracking facility for each vehicle, giving a safe and secured travel with time to time information on the vehicle location. Drivers are trained in martial arts and yoga to provide a courteous service to the customers and ensure their safety. Taxi Taxi will be a 24-hour taxi service. It also offers the facility of swiping credit and debit cards enabling the travellers to pay their bills with ease. The firm also offers car pooling service to reduce emission and to keep the earth green.
  6. Tata Motors presented at the 81st Geneva Motor Show the TATA PIXEL new city car concept for Europe. Based on the Tata Nano platform, the Tata Pixel
  7. link deleted What is the electrical wiring protuding in the boot picture. sgiitk2011-04-08 14:29:21
  8. If I want to a buy another New Diesel Sedan, I would go for FIAT LINEA, it is just too good for me . I have driven 25K kms in 14 months & absolutely no problems what so ever.
  9. Unless there is going to be a BIG WALL between the sales counters of TATA & FIAT in the TATA - FIAT Showroom the poaching of FIAT customers by TATA Sales persons is not going to stop. The TATA top personal will be only making statements to please FIAT like this. What is happening on the ground will not be known to them or be hidden. NAREN642011-02-16 06:03:31
  10. For the price of Rs.65/liter of petrol in the present senario Suzuki has sold 33k Alto's in Jan 2011, if the price assumed of Rs.38/liter of artificial fuel is to be sold how many cars would be on road ?
  11. I own a Linea MJD & driven for 23k kms in 13 months. No problems atall. I have visited the Service Center only once for replacement of Struts, which was due to me, drove the car into a big pot hole during the last rains. The same was replaced under warranty in 2 days time, other than that visited the service center only for regular services. The after sales & service is fantastic herein Coimbatore. Linea is a pleasure to drive especially the ride & handling combination is excellent. The FE of my Linea is City Driving - 15 kms/lt Go for Linea T Jet, my suggestion. Hiways only - 21 kms/lt City,Hiway combined - 18 kms/lt I calculate the FE only be tankfill method. Go for Linea T Jet, my suggestion. NAREN642011-02-05 06:33:10
  12. This is what is Car Control, view link
  13. Mine 1) Tamil Nadu 2) Karnataka 3) Andhrapradesh 4) Goa 5) Pondicherry 6) Kerala
  14. I do not know why Fiat cars are not selling. I own a Linea MJD purchaed in December 2009. Till date I have driven 21500 kms & not faced a sigle problem, except for a change in front Struts, which was my mistake having driven into a big pot hole during the rains. The Struts were changed in a days time & car was delivered in original condition. Such was the service of TAFFE Acess Coimbatore. I think it Fiat should make their precence in the showrooms in a different way as to the present setup. There should be a seperate enterence for FIAT cars in the TATA showroom. No TATA salsman should be allowed inside the FIAT lounge. This might increase the sales of FIAT cars in India.
  15. Many Many Happy returns of the day Bala.
  16. Can you give us the detials of the date the test was conducted & who was with you from the TATA side to certify the mileage achived. In this thread the first post by Bala detial was given as "Narayanan made the 73.2 kilometer run in the L & T road" Where is the 73.2 km, the L & T road should be a maximum of 30 kms as far as I know. Please confirm. NAREN642010-12-16 13:31:42
  17. I will go for White & only white. Both my cars are white colour.
  18. Hai Anand, Welcome to ACI. Post pictures of your Italian Beauty. Without the same there is no romance.
  19. Sahil, Adulterated fuel. The fuel line is getting blocked. Change Fuel Station.
  20. Titan, a Tata group company, has come out with a very unique way of celebrating 5000 years of fine Indian jewellery. Titan is an arm of the Tata Group that is a very popular manufacturer of jewellery in India and abroad. And now Titan is planning to come with three Nanos that are covered in gold plated jewellery from head to toe. More about this in
  21. Try changing the suspension Bush Kits & Mount.