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  1. Hi, I have a WagonR that I bought in 2009(around Novemeber) . I am facing a rather confusing heating problem with the car. It typically happens when the car a/c is on. Over the past two months I have got the radiator changed,coolant replaced several times but the problem still persists. Finally after observing the heating on a number of occasions, I have observed the following: 1) Never happens over short distances (2-5KM) 2) Typically occurs when the a/c is on. 3) It is now occurring after a long drive (20-30KM) on the highway after which the car needs to be slowed down in traffic. 4) The last time it heated up, I checked the water in the radiator and the bottle , it was near full. I showed it to a mechanic , he found no problem with it at first look. The fan auto cut was working fine as per him. Any idea what the issue might be?