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  1. Hello evry one... Got the car this friday, the color is the new polished metal. Took it for a spin in the evening. Great car to drive. The color looks the best under the yellow glow of the street lights. Trying to post pictures, but this internet is giving problems, wil try 2moro.
  2. Had the civic's second test drive today... it was on an automatic. The steering was good , the earlier car did indeed have a problem. The dealer said that he has sent that car for repair. The dealer even allowed us to drive a new car but only in the showroom's spacious parking lot. So we have finally decided to go for the civic and will be booking the car soon for the December discounts. Also, how much can i expect for our current Hyundai Accent GVS Dec. 2003 model. Done about 94000 kms, accident free, central locking, no rattles or squeaks, still rides and drives like the way it did when we bought it from the showroom, new tubeless tyres run only 4000 km, 3yrs warranty left on the battery. No problems whatsoever
  3. @Power I stay in Thane @rssh We do have 5 people sitting in the back quite often. Also I havn't heard favourable feedbacks from the skoda dealer in Thane. I have heard that Civic had some suspension issues at the start with the rear wheel touching the body when seating 5 people. Is this true?
  4. Thank you for the suggestions But my father doesn't want a innova it has a tourist vehicle image in his mind. We did look at the Laura petrol but it has a transmission tunnel (I think that's what its called) jutting out about 3 inches from the rear floor. So having 3 people in the back is very uncomfortable. My father was very impressed with the civic, especially with the 4 extra inches of legroom it offered over the corolla. It also feels more spacious inside. But he was totally put off by the test drive especially with the steering on a supposedly more driver-friendly car. The car they gave us was a 2006 model with 36000 on the clock. It also didn't look in good shape with the gear knob and steering leather worn off. God knows why they keep such cars for a test drive, as it makes or breaks the decision to buy the car. Contrary to what everyone thinks (& I too earlier thought ) its not that difficult to get in and of of the civic The Honda dealership has called us back for another test drive on a different car.
  5. My father wants to buy a car in the 15lacs on-road price range. The monthly travel will be around 1500km/month. He has a chauffeur to drive him to the office but mostly drives himself when going out with the family. Ours is family of 6-foot plus, so legroom is one of the main criteria. We went to the showrooms and we have shortlisted the choices to Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis. We recently went in for a test drive and contrary to the reviews we found the Corolla better to drive. The Honda's steering was too hard (harder than the Manual steering in our Maruti 800) and there also seemed a bit of lag with the car turning a bit late after turning the steering. Is this normal? Or was the car faulty.. Please advise...