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  1. I purchased a tata indigo dicor 1 year ago. Heating, alternater belt and belt sound is a stable problem in my car since last one year. I m so disturbed by this car... this was my dream car but unfortunatly my decision was wrong. I trust tata and tata make me headache only... belive me i think when i drive my cat that i m driving a tractor not a luxry car... During my 20000 kilometers , the alternate belt has been replaced 4 times. There are times we have travelled in rented car for fear of my car getting stopped suddenly in the road. one day while driving to bangalore, due to the belt problem the following problems occured. 1. power windows stopped working. 2. check engine light started glowing 3. ac stopped working 4. horn stopped 5. belt sound became very high 6. very very low pulling. Luckily the car stopped nearly 10 mts away from authorised service station. Now a new problem has started from the last one month. While driving in constant speed ( without touching the clutch and accelator at fixed level ) the RPM raise from 2000 to 5000 all of a sudden ( witin 1 second ) I learnt from the service persons that the alternate belt is sopposed to be changed very frequently in dicor engine and nothing can replace the problem permanantly. can i go to consumer court? Please help me ......... at