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  1. I guess in CIVIC's case the issue was more time tied, as that D&A(Day & Age) was not ready to embrace a Hybrid vehicle. More so Honda did not make even the slightest of attempts to promote those limited number of cars which they were trying to sell at a premium. Civic was, is & always be one of the variants which is loved by many & drooling over its futuristic & cool looks was an immediate side effect. Nuff Said! M&M is an organization to reckon with & I strongly believe they know it damm well how to strategize, so Verito as a product can have some hidden potential. More so India as a country is full of surprises what doesn’t work for me can work for someone else, therefore its darn hard to estimate.
  2. @maverick786us1, Congratulations! CIAZ is indeed a looker! I am sure you will enjoy it, therefore be safe & have loads of fun driving your CIAZ!
  3. I am sure VW & Skoda are not loosing there sleep just yet. As far as I estimate VW can come out all guns blazing whenever they want & can flood our market with newer models. I am sure they have something up there sleeves & wait for the right time. Besides the problem is more generic & I guess has nothing to do with newer models, its seems more ground up because they lack: 1. Service network & quality. 2. More expensive because no heavy localisation of parts which is currently 65% & shall be beefed up to at least 85%. 3. Trust, because there are way too many horror stories which daunt there reputation.
  4. @ reddy, oh mate that is such a sweet ride.
  5. I will strongly second what Neeraj says.
  6. WOW! this is a super job done by Mr. Anslem. This is how you breed unadulterated passion for Automobiles. Hats Off!
  7. Yoko's will serve you just right, they have a great grip & have a great foot print. You will be served equally well by Michelin's too, however road noise is something you need to check.
  8. Hi sarath19in. I am no expert on diesel variants, thus will just limit my opinion to my own experience. Its been over an year now that I have been driving my Honda City & according to me please do not look beyond Honda. Why? well I have couple of reasons: 1. Mine is a petrol, therefore I can safely pro-claim that its a pleasure to drive & helps you enjoy a steady & true on road experience. 2. Verna, though is a great car & has many pro's, however according to my personal opinion its gets to wary & makes you feel extremely uneasy about your drive. 3. Honda is spacious & has an airy feel to it but just to an extent. However, Verna on the other sides can get claustrophobic for a few. I will second @bhavneet's opinion & will suggest Honda City.
  9. Hi Harikrish, I will second what Leo says. Innova is the best bet & indeed the front runner of the lot. I drive a Honda city & love the brand, however I strongly suggest not to buy a mobilio. Why? well the vehicle is such a mediocre effort & it completely destroys Honda's brand perception in India. Its rugged, uncomfortable & just a me too effort. Ertiga on the other hand has lost its sheen completely & comes nowhere close to an Innova.
  10. I recently got an opportunity to experience Mobilio at one of the malls in Delhi. I drive a Honda (City) myself & have loved Honda all my life. However, Mobilio is such a downer & a disappointment & has so many week points which I believe are not synonym to the Honda Brand. I have always loved & admired Honda's built quality, however the Mobilio is such a wuss, cheap plastic, horrible finish, rough around the edges, it just doesn't feel right. Horrible under thigh support, seats have no cushioning & are extremely uncomfortable. Its just not airy & feels extremely claustrophobic, especially in the middle row. In my personal opinion this me too race has tarnished Honda's repute.
  11. WOW! it looks as good as the real Italian beauty. Kudos!
  12. WOW! she's back! and this time it means business. What a looker she is and after looking at such a beauty I feel ashmed to talk about Marutis. (Guys this is my personal opinion, please dont take it otherwise)
  13. Needless to say Honda Jazz a.k.a Fit is making Toyota Sweat. Honestly seems a very desperate & a me too effort. Any thoughts?
  14. I am sorry but you I am sure have made a bargain. I am not sure the variant you drive however this added feature seems way to cool.