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  1. Guys what you say about the K&N Filter

    k&n filter boost superb but keep a eye on fuel guage....

    Post deleted Note from mod: Go through forum rules & regulations before posting further. SMS lingo is prohibited on the forum.BornFree2009-12-15 17:37:49
  3. Zma upgrade..

    retro fitment for bike dosen"t finsh wel...
  4. The mini Pulsar - 135

    Wow this bike remembers me of my old cycle. see the rear wheel. back to history.
  5. Is VW Polo, worth the wait?

    I have santro and i'm eagerly waiting for the Polo diesel. it will be launched early next year and i will be one of the first ones to buy it, if my dad agrees. its a great car, i have driven it abroad. its very good compared to my existing Santro , where as santro is too bumpy. Polo goes like a merc
  6. Aditya from Mysore

    Hi Guys, Aditya here... i love cars and bikes, i wanna learn more about them here. also i'm planning to buy a super bike (2nd hand) will soon post about it in the relevant forum soon Thank you guys Aditya