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  1. maruti does not sell cars on their face values, they have built a reputation for reliability and real VFM. They started shifting from that VFM value starting with a-star. Their designs, barring a few, was never outstanding; but they sold on ease of ownership. Until other manufacturers try to match that, there would not be any severe dent in Maruti zone; Hyundai has made very good progress in bigger cities in both cars and sales; then again, I don't think Maruti holds a 50% market share in those cities They are certainly not complacent, but their latest cars seems to be a bit radical, love-it-or-loathe-it style, earlier they used to make safe designs.
  2. chennai folks, any more spyshots of the Figo? any sneak peek into the interiors?
  3. The conclusion would be ... all existing cars price go up by various amounts, and new/upcoming alto, wagon-r, swift prices go down...
  4. if swift is pushed at 4 lakh starting price then ritz would have to be pushed further below... around 3.7... no way they could sell both ritz and swift at same band, who would buy a ritz then??? this would be very hard for i10 unless hyundai takes similar steps... think about it... a swift lxi at the price of i10 Magna...
  5. reducing swift pricing by 30-40 k would put it at par with ritz, and then ritz price got to go down... wagon-r price is coming down anyway... what would happen to a-star?
  6. Today's ET Well, with the shocker pricing of Beat, it was kinda expected... cheers
  7. What is this Hyundai? The new Santro? The front is really nice...
  8. unbelievable pricing, this would threaten a-star, wagon-r, i10 alike... GM would be very much disappointed if at least 5000 units per month do not fly through... i don't think they have kept much margin in this car, they want to play volume gosh! I am still shocked with the price... all the standard variants are within 4 lakhs!!!, even the 4.34 lakh optional pack is super VFM
  9. my two cents ... 1) All of the renderings above would require significant changes in the existing palio assembly line... then it would not make sense to continue with the name 'palio'... fiat should make it a completely new car, at least name and engine wise. 2) I think the facelift is going to be cosmetic (major changes reqd for interiors), like what we continue to see from maruti, and fiat should add a new small engine (which one?), because if they don't, then no matter how much they 'lift-the-face', the palio stile numbers would not change by much
  10. any clearer time frame about when it is coming?
  11. looks like a tallboy 'avatar' of the a-star... anyway, don't think maruti would change the a-star within 2 years of its launch... and the so-called new alto may be a face-lift with the KB engine, along the same line as the estilo treatment...
  12. toyota would be very foolish to compromise on quality to deliver the car at a particular price point, only to find out it has dented their "premium car" image in india but then again, if they do not manage the price, it would go the Jazz way. I hope they find a middle path somehow...
  13. I have already seen the set of pics available on flickr, by 'not so sure' what I meant was the interiors looked a bit dull and not so exciting. To me, the interiors do not match the looks outside. but anyway, i am eagerly looking forward to it simply because it's a 'polo'... surely vw can not take a super-successful car and make it completely go wrong in india.
  14. it looks superb from outside... not so sure about interiors... and as always pricing would be the key...