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  1. Looks the same except for the grill. The electric mirrors are a welcome addition
  2. Looks nice. What is the waiting period on the diesel variant??
  3. mods can u delete my previous post with the picture ive uploaded as the number plate is not covered!!! thank you
  4. hi everyone the cars now crossed the 3k mark and is running smoothly with no trouble at all.
  5. In the 4th pic does the sticker say 1.2gls? Looks neat and just like all hyundais it will be packed to the brim!!
  6. A very good car,but boy is it a pain in lower back region to maintain it!!
  7. now this is one thread im going to follow!!! superb pics!!
  8. wow that looks good!!.Any idea when its out so that i can get a scale model!!!
  9. Even the xuv500 crashed during its development stage in chennai
  10. thank you will check them out and let you know which I've choosen!!
  11. @sstar i havent changed them yet,i was waiting for the members opinion on this. but after i change it i will take a pic of before and after@leorahi and @rssh i dont want a relay all i want is a plug and play job type headlamp bulb how about these?? CrystalVision H4, 12V, 60/55W BlueVision ultra Automotive headlighting lamp H4, 12V, 55W are these good??
  12. guys for the headlamp bulbs i've decided to go with philips DiamondVision H4, 12V, 60/55W
  13. Wow me too i was watching fast 6 last night!!! R.I.P legend!!
  14. The main reason why i went with a i20 over the polo
  15. wwhat d the xtream vision retail for and what will be its power?
  16. The headlamps I've choosen are Philips crystal vision 4300k for 1100rs comes with 4 bulbs do you people think it's worth it ?
  17. hi if its a petrol your looking for i suggest the swift because its the best petrol hatchback ive driven at the given price range and do you fancy a used car?