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  1. Actually the Bajaj's new logo represnts "FLYING B" ..and it does represent it in a sense. It certainly does looks like a bird in flight if you have seen some pictures representing birds.
  2. I would love to see the Citroen's C5 Airscape to be my next car, but thats just because It looks soo stunning and not because of its nationality or moi love for Citroen.
  3. does choosing a car (next or future car) really depends on the nationality rather than the model available in the market? At least I don't think so....
  4. yeah it maybe. btw, its not my article...the above article is from the below link http://letsgoforthetake.wordpress.com/2007/08/06/bajaj-copies-volkswagen/
  5. Yeah, the i havn't seen many Kristals on the road either. Maybe the extra intelligence that Bajaj gave it have meant the Kristals are not only avoiding the crows from shi**** on it, but also the customers from putting there heavy a*se on them. My wait is now for the Bajaj's Blade, hope atleast they do it properly. If that also gets messd up there is no sight of any Good scooters in the near future What do you think Bajaj is going to launch it? Any possiblity of them launching it during AutoExpo2008 or just before that?
  6. yeah indeed, Lamby is easily distinguishable from Vijai Super, but Vijai Super & Alwyn (do you remember the fridge with the same name bough over by Kelivinator in the 90s) is a bit difficult to distinguish becuase of what you mentioned. But Alwyn was limited to AP mostly (am i right?), but Vijai Super was an All India product. I still remeber the brochure of Vijai Super with two girls sitting on it. I am sure its lying somewhere inside my old books, if i get it, i'll scan it for a change for the guys out here.
  7. For the best looking scooter post-liberalisation (till 2000), my Vote goes to LML Vespa Supremo. Its was the top-end of the scooters. For the period from 2000-2010 ...... well, its a tough call. Italjet's JetSet (please introduce it, Kinetic!) and the more sporty Bajaj's Blade.
  8. Agree with Saladin. The poll should have been divided as Pre-Liberalisation, Post liberalisation.(uptill 2000) and then 2000-2010). we should divide it for a period spanning across atleast a decade. Ajan, you got a very heavy list there man, i don even remember how some of the models looked like. You surely got good memory. But Alwyn 150, Lamby (lambretta), Vijai Super etc had the common base from Lambretta. From the pre-liberalisation my vote is for Vijai Super. Though it was the name given for Lambretta produced for Indian markets, it is visually very much distinguishable from the Lambretta due to its "edgy" design where ever the original Lamby had smooth curves along the entire body. BKing2007-11-19 19:08:51
  9. vishnu, its ok man, no probs.
  10. i think it had to be specified if the difficulty in choosing a model was from a single brand. atleat for me colour has not been a confusing part when choosing a vehicle. The most confusing has been the Value-for-money stuff among different models (from the same brand or from two different brands).
  11. well it's not me saying, but this article I found online saying. I started the thread with the same caption for the online article. We are all aware of Bajaj's kneejerk reaction to TVS Flame, now from the look of the things, it clearly looks like Rajeev Bajaj's energetic team just looked at some logo in some different way? From the link. http://letsgoforthetake.wordpress.com/2007/08/06/bajaj-copies-volkswagen/
  12. Did DC had his midas touch to make the SX4 look so ugly?
  13. Yeah they did have, but was dissapointed not to see Good coverage of the Dakkar rally itself in any following issue. They covered it before the start of the Dakkar rally. now something With Love From Russia KAMAZ, 6 times Champion of Dakkar rally (hope i am right ) ....some video links for the champion from their site & youtube. http://kamaz.net/en/media/video # there are many more videos in the above link. But not yet seen any from the youtube link
  14. which pic are u asking...the Vijay super stuff? if thats want u want, you will be disapointed as I don's have any 80s picture (Kinetic honda replaced it when it arrived), but picture of the remaining part of the scooter will have to be taken. It has been rusting in my old house for over 15 years now. Vijay Super was manufactured bt Scooters Indian Ltd, if i remember correctly.
  15. Gurkha, hav't yet watched it full. I am on dialup so its a bit too slow. I'll be downloading it some other time.
  16. i_see, yeah damn right. also, the poll is which is the Best gearless scooter that the voters have had/driven. So definetely Access geting quite a lot of votes is bit of surprice. mndvishnu, not putting the Kinetic Honda DX (?), the original 2-stroke gearless scooter that completely changed the gearless scene in India is very much dissapointing. I have not yet voted, my vote goes to Kinetic Honda.
  17. oooops, sorry the poll was which gearles scooter i liked most.??..,,and not the best gearless scooter now? In that case, nothing beats the original Kinetic Honda. Only a real bad rider will ever fall from that Scooter. It was such a damn good stuff.
  18. Dio looks better that Activa, but it got lots of body joints and have foind it getting loose on many. So overall the best gearless is definetely the Honda Activa. Any of you got feedback of the HH ?? It is cute.
  19. Honda Active for me, reason being Instant start from dead (actually Honda researched it for India and made it.Well done job!) You won't find any other gearless scooter with that kind of Instant response like that of Activa. Its just meant for that instant pickup and it won't keep pace with others in a long run and gets exhausted. A very well though out transmission, as it does help in lowering the fuel wastage during start-stop city driving, where we usually open throttle a bit hard. Things I don't like being the very still suspension which doesn't give confidence and will get you loose you balance in soft surface. Atleast thats been my case, I felt only a heavy mass rider can only make that suspension to work.
  20. oooop sorry if you misunderstood me, I do not want the Suzuki Access thread to be merged with this one, but rather wanted my posts on Yamaha Vino125 to be moved from the Suzuki Access thread. Suzuki Access is a new product launch, so a dedicated thread is not out of place. But what i meant with this thread was to have a space for posting any news & views on scooters, scooterettes & step-thrus.
  21. Can the moderators please move my posts on the Yamaha Vino125 posted in Suzuki Access thread to this thread?
  22. Since there is no thread dedicated to scooters, scooterettes & step-thrus....I am starting a dedicated thread so that anything related to these can be discussed, be it Indian or the ones that many of you would love to see in India. The thread is also meant to avoid many threads popping up on the same topic due to lack of a dedicated thread. I hope forum moderators find it ok. Also, it would have been good if the post count per page is increased to 20 or 25. That was a page won't get exhausted so quickly.
  23. Points to tell 1) Mileage on both bikes are same, proper driving of RE giver better mileage (pardon for that lie) 2) RE engine will endure more 3) Service available for RE better coz its a vintage piece (don't tell Vintage, k) 4)Any other bike will male you look like an APE on kids bike and then ............ 5) Blah Blah Blah...
  24. I wish there was a remake of the old ones with auto-transmission, fuel injection, etc ... Lambretta, LML Supremo (arguably the best looking scooter from the LML stable, though power just 6bhp or something. But had very short span because it came near to the end of the LMLs life) Vijay Super (wow what a machine it was, probably the most powerful on the road at that time. 2-stroke, 9.5bhp. My dad really liked it and after selling his first he again bought the same one. It was also the scooter on which i horned all my skills as to how to rip a scooter apart, though putting it back was as usual Very difficult) Bajaj (gawd....it never inspired me.)