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  1. pardon me for hijacking the thread. But I have a soft corner for this Yamaha for its retro looks. But i want some modification. It's shame none of the Good scooters (i mean overall good package in looks as well) in the international market makes it to India.

    Yamaha Vino125


    I particularly like its side covers. Excellent!

    Exhaust pipe need to be re-routed (biggest problem with scooter on

    pothholed roads) and the silencer can be raised a bit more. A boxy

    piece like that of Honda Activa would be fine.


    Transmission case can be raked up a bit more to increase the ground clearance.

    Saddle length need to be increased. Else ladies sitting side-on won't have much place to sit.


    Headlamps could be integrated with the steering assembly. It would give the scooter a balanced look.

    The exhaust pipe can be seen to good effect from this angle. The main stand assembly does seems to have a protective stance. But still, run over a pothhole and the first to take the hit from the sides mostly would be the exhaust pipe.


    Now, the question remains......will these scooters ever come to India??....

    Will AUTOCAR be kind enough to do some article to get the Yamaha guys get interested in the Indian market with their scooter. smiley2.gif

    BKing2007-11-16 21:04:44

  2. Its good to see another scooter in the market, but the Suzuki Access have not really made it to my heart for me to Buy one!


    I am really waiting to buy one the moment a really good one arrives in the market. Even AutoCar guys aren't interested in 2-wheelers and definetely not in scooters. I posted a question in AAA, but not a single reply came from the informed (if at all) guys.



  3. I think 4/6 laning of roads is one of the best things to do. That reduces the chances of accidents. This was aptly described in the Golden qudrilateral article in the October issue. We need most of our highways to be upgraded.

    even in the 4-6 lanes, if the road is not properly illuminated we won't be able to see any animal or person crossing the road if bright lights are coming from opposite direction. So proper illumination of the Highways are a must and the first things to do (from administrators side) to avoid any accident. In the case of lonely highways, that doesn't happen usually because out headlamps might be the only ones illuminating and will be able to pick up anyone crossing/intending to from atleast 25meters, if we are on high beam.

  4. let's just say tht i was little lucky to drive those babies...


    Hey i m actually waiting for the AL's 280 Bhp engine in a bus.

    They said tht it wld be launched in 05


    and we are already in 07... when will it be launched... coz it will def give the B7R a run for its money!!! and the Speed!!

    yeah...me too waiting for all sots to buses (rear engined) to come out and give VOLVO  a good run for their money. Its because of the nvestment made for the volvo buses that the ticket prices are steep. The intercity coaches from AL, TATA, Vectra (Kamaz JV) are not going to cross the 30Lakh region and I expect them to price within 20 lahk. If that becomes the pricing, every single person who takes inter-city coaches will enjoy a reduced ticket price. That too without a shaken spine!

  5. the name doesn't restrict autocar into anything i think. they do bike reviews even if the name has only 'auto and car' in it.smiley36.gif... maybe they think that it's pointless for them to go into the trouble of reviewing the trucks when no one would buy one because of the review. they might as well spend that time on new cars. and i think they ( including FRG ) have enough things on their mind already without considering the trucks even. smiley4.gif...

    ooooops , thats a point man! ....but i have to tell you, AutoCar is not giving enough space to 2-Wheelers either.smiley19.gif  .....maybe the 2-wheeler testing guys are becoming lazy smiley2.gif

  6. Yep' date=' I see the tell tale J series badge, these will kick ass, good competition for MAN, but where is the space and the money for upkeep, all the Volvos being p run by transportation companies north or south are in shambles due to poor maintenance and costly parts, half the time they break down. Only the ones in Kolkatta are relatively better due to them being recently acquired.[/quote']

    I think the AL trucks will do better, beacuse it doesn't cost as much as the MAN or the Volvo's. No wonder AL is expecting a 50% share of the sale in that segment. Hope you saw them expecting 1,000 numbers from the market figure of 2,000.

    WBest wishes to the AL team. In recent years what have truly come out from the AL is that, they have readied some real good looking cabs.

  7. You one lucky chap. btw, which Jonga do you have? can you post some pictures? I am a fan of Jonga as well. When did u buy you Jonga, in the mid 90s or a 2nd hand vehicle?

    I am asking it because, Jonga in the mid-90s was to launch (maybe even limited launch) new Jongas in the Indian market and they had rectangular headlamp assembly. But sadly, nothing came of it and Jonga's simply vapourised.

  8. ya.. thats a good habit.. i do that too... it's really inconvinient for bikers because their lights dont provide enough visibility and on top of that a car coming in the opposite direction with high-beam on is really dangerous. 

    Its really a Good habit.Keep it up and pass it on to every single driver you know. smiley20.gif

    but the problem (even for 2-wheelers) happens, when the Street lights are not working or the road is not properly illuminated and to increase the problem some stupids come in high beam.

  9. HEY Bking thanks for the Info..


    I also fascinate trucks n buses..Drove a Volvo B7R for a km... Awesome experience tht was...

    Thanks man, nice to see someone else who loves trucks smiley1.gif

    The trucks gives you sort of indestructible feeling once you get behind the wheels. isn't it?

    B7R is the bus, how did u get to driving it man?...Banglore?  ..but the B7R have a lower seating position than the FH12.

  10. Ya one must never drive for a long time at night especially if you are not used to night driving.Its always better to travel on highways during day time. Since most truckers prefer driving at night.


    I have personally formed the habit that i drive on low beam by default especially within city only if it is really needed i use the high beam

    I do agree, but driving at night at times feels relaxing and more economical. I say it because, the day's heat wont be there (which does affects driving), traffic will be a bit less and the a/c can work a bit relaxed telling it on the overall mileage. I do drive and go for long drives starting mostly in the evening (after 4 or 4.30pm) so that i can get to destination by 11-12.00, with maybe a single halt for refreshment. I have felt it ok (but exceptions are there) when driving.

    Indeed what I love most is driving in the night in rains. Its an experience that I have loved..! It gives me a feeling of utlizing every bit of the Car.....hehehe. But more than that, It also gives me sort of confidence in my driving. I can't tell what kicks inside me, but I love it, driving with lights and wipers on!

  11. Why blame only the Lorry Drivers... I have seen while driving in bangalore that rich educated drivers in the fancys cars also never dim lights.


    I even saw a guy with his family in a Civic taking a U turn over a low divider because he was too lazy to go a few 100 meters further to turn. Why blame the auto drivers and lorrywallas when most of the eductated people also dont care about following rules

    Yes, very true. At least the mistakes on part of the lorry drivers can be attributed to them being illiterate. But no excuse what so ever can be given to those "educated" stupid arrogants who drive reckless.

  12. Its unfortunate that AutoCar due to its name (???) feel it awkward and also

    will feel out-of place to carry test drives and road tests of heavy

    vehicles. But for pure automobile fans like me who have special

    affection for these heavy machines, its a draught when reading the auto


    It's an out of place experience to ride those beasts with 9 gears

    (divided between lower & higher, but you need to have patience to

    reach that top gear). Though i could not personally drive any of the

    machines I wanted (because of license), I did experience a short

    co-drive in the Volvo's FH12 courtsey of the driver who had come to

    unload his Maruti cargo. Its really great to sit inside the truck

    (ignoring all garbage inside) with a wide cockpit like cabin, a/c,

    driver seat that I have never experience before, and a good cot to take

    rest as well.

  13. Ashok Leyland rolls out new heavy

    commercial vehicle

    Special Correspondent

    The 49-tonner carries a price tag of Rs. 19.75 lakh


    WIDENING RANGE: Vinod K. Dasari, Chief Operating Officer, Ashok

    Leyland, at the launch of a new tractor trailer in New Delhi on Thursday.

    NEW DELHI: Ashok Leyland on Thursday rolled out a new 49-tonne heavy

    commercial vehicle (HCV), 4921TT. It carries a price tag of Rs. 19.75 lakh. The

    company targets to sell 1,000 units of the HCV this fiscal.

  14. Mehman,

    The only car that comes to my mind for your needs is Hyundai Santro Diesel, if the budget is confined. Else, Fiesta would be a good choice.

    If you can wait for Diesel Santro, it would would be worth. It won't be as costly as the Swift diesel and is likely to cost a bit upward from the base version of the newely launched Hyundai's i10.

    ABS & AIRBAG might be something that you might be missing. But Santro have always come with these as an option because the lower models have been a stripoff from the top version.

  15. TVS Isotope might not be that alien as the 125X is, Isotope got small coverage in many magazines. Its also a dirt-bike with the intend of buying greater appeal. picture from purionline


    But a larger tank (16-18 litres would be fine), front & rear wheel flaps etc would be more than welcome. Anyone in here who would be interested in the Isotope, if at all it makes it to the production line?