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  1. finally got an image after a thorough google search. pic from purionline.

    But still what i can't see is the engine thats said to produce 33bhp. Anyone  info on the specs of the 125X would be very much appreciated.


    autocarindia2007-11-15 15:07:23

  2. and on top of all this we have all the friendly buffaloes and dogs roaming around on highways once in a while just to give us a few nightmares. high beams make these even more hard to notice

     Its true that spotting animals and even 2-wheelers make it very difficult. But we need to think from their side as well. Because mostly (i put my case) the drivers use high beam to see a good distance upfront, but at the same time they should be sensitive to others problem as well. What i do in that kinda situation is that I either drop it till the other vehicle have passed.


    I use high beams often and I do recommend using it. It becomes a bare necessity once u cross the 30-40Km mark as the low beam won't keep pace with the speed with which the situation changes on road. But the moment you sense any opposite vehicle having problem with ur high beam, show the maturity and the quality of a Good driver to drop the beam atleast till he have crossed you.



  3. Just why to make only the HCV or even the LCV guys to stand in the well?.....the other creatures that ply on the Indian roads are the Autorikshaws.


    In there comes the complete lack of sense from those who gave clearance to the Italian APE. More unfortunate is that none of the Auto magazines have ever (at least I have not seen!!!) pulled up this issue with the APE.


    The issue I am talking about is that, the APE have got its cargo bay protruding 15-25 cm on either side. Since the auto wallas are mostly careless and when driving they see just the front end of their auto's body, they manuvre with that physical dimension in their mind.


    The drivers using the APE simply forgets the fact that, their machine takes another 15-25cm on either side and they will only know its presence when their auto have already taken off the front end or the headlamp of any car coming in the opposite direction. This is a serious issue on narrrow lane or in busy traffic.


    I have experience it many times, where I though the chap wud surely take off with my side fender and the headlamp assembly, but luckily i have always managed to find some place to make way for these busy APE's.



  4. The problem also lies with the Govt not setting a mandatory design parameter for the Commercial vehicles.


    It should be made mandatory for all commercial vehicles to have their headlights at the lowest level. It was a norm which I though would catch up with the Volvo's FH12 truck when it got introdued in India, and it surely did to an extend. Even the Handsome Ashok Leylands NewGen series of trucks have integrated that well thought out design element into their trucks.


    But see the cost of not having guidelines from the Govt. Even the new series of Volvo trucks have shed their low-level headlights and the position have gone upto to where the current Tata buses have their headlights fitted.


    Govt is there to BLAME. The stupids that sit in the chair is to Blame for not having any decent capacity to think for the general public or the needs of the public.



  5. the problem with high beam are not confined to illetrate lorry drivers, but educated and arrogant drivers as well. Unless the drivers (every single one!!!) learn the right attitude to driving and shed the view of "Our Safety comes first", "damn the other fellow", nothing is going to change.

    it has to be communicated to all sections of the society through advt (like how Govt used to air messages regarding clealiness and other stuff) and for the "educated" drivers, magazines have the duty to convey the right attitude to the drivers.


  6. The last two are not there for sure .The first picture can be a possibility to meet the safety norms.


    I think the safety issue (front collision) comes more with the last model displayed.


    The second model looks fantastic (personal) and what it needs is a lengthened body. The front end looks good enough to have decent cruble zones, so i doubt if safety issue will be problem with that model. The model looks real cooooolsmiley1.gif


    As for the first, its most likely to be a 1Lakh car......but, what about the front end?...is it a front engine btw? ...... it looks small and it would feel like almost sitting in a mni with a Nose.


    Also, the front windshield is just Toooooooooooooooooo Big. ne coconut or a bad shot from the next door Sachin or Dhoni.....and the customer will have to replace that BIG windshield. I wonder how much TATA inted to price that BIG piece of windshield.









  7. Brand actually comes pretty low in my list. I'd rate reliability' date=' safety, performance. If the brand is low in the perception of the general public, one can get a good deal on that product. To hell with resale value, why would one think of selling when one is buying. That's how I bought the Hyundai Elantra, it was phenomenal value, because its low in the perception of the general public, so got a good deal and car is excellent for that price. [/quote']

    agreed on the Brand stuff. Good points.


    Actually the brand conciousness is what makes the bigges run and its also because of that Brand image among the public that they are able to overcome any negative image created by their products much better than a new brand or a brand which is not well established.


    An established brand will get away with their faults, but the brand concious public doesn't spare a new comer. Thats the harsh reality. Somehow, Tata have been lucky as a new comer in the car business. Indica still sells well, even after not being a top notch product, mainly because of the Brand TATA and not the car manufacturer TATA.



  8. Saladin,

    I feel, the options that you provided is somewhat incomplete.


    For me..... Price/budget matters first (its same for almost everyone, thats how search for a vehicle starts!), running cost, realiablity & service, safety & comfort etc. But its a bit hard to actually specify the list as the priorities changes with circumstance.


    Like, if the safety comes at a premium, then most buyers would avoid it. A case in point is the ABS & AIRBAG options provided by manufacturers. Brand does factor in, but not so much as to blind me to what the competition is providing.




  9. FRG,


    few questions for u.


    The Accent CRDi engine is said to be having a short life for a a diesel variant.  And many people i have talked to doesn't want to take 2nd hand Accent CRDi and those who are using want to dump it before the odo reaches 100,000Km. 


    It doesn't stop there, due to the short life of the CRDi engine of the Accent, many are even very reluctuant to buy even a 2nd hand Elantra citing the problem with the Accent engine.


    Now, what i get to see is that even you are selling it off before it clocks the 1lakh kilometer. If you don't mind, how much was the 2004 model worth?


  10. friends i need your serious seuggestions here. i am planning to buy a new car and this will be my first car. as there are lots of accidents here in my place i would like to have a car with AIRBAGS. i think i may do around 1000 - 1400 kms a month.

    i don't know if ur an experienced driver. But since u mentioned that its your first car, I would recommend you to go in for a hatch. Since you have mentioned your preference for WagonR, you can also take a look at Santro.


    Hyundai is also launching a Diesel variant of Santro, so running cost will be lower.


    Both Wagon R & Santro come with an AIRBAG option. But remember that putting back an airbag after its one time "usage" will be costing over Rs.50,000/- and might be as high as 100,000/-, if my figures are right for the Swift.  But that one time use of that airbag might as well have costed you your car, so expect almost the bottom price in terms of re-sale value after a one time "usage" of AIRBAG.


    Well my budget is around 4-6 lacs which can be stretched a little bit. also i would like to know wether one can fit Airbags aftermarket??? and can i ask the company wether i can get Airbags for Swift Diesel .

    A good load of models fits inside your budget figures.

    This is what  i expect fro my car -  good performance , ARIBAGS , Very good fuel efficiency and very good resale value. of course i thought of Swift ZXi but i did not like the milage figures of it so i cancelled it.

    with the budget available you can choose from many models. 


    Since you are a girl (hope i read your name right?), i guess you might in the last round of your selection be settling on the looks of the car. No offense meant. ok?! smiley1.gif

    Can i buy WagonR VXi ABS and Fit LPG tank to it? and is there any problem to the engine(i know waranty will be VOID).
    If there are any other cars please suggest me.i need your serious advice.
    Thanking you all,

    Yes, u can buy a VXi and fit an LPG kit.


    But ask the dealer first for that option because, many dealers are having "collaboration" with LPG dealers for selling their kits. So what they normally do is to give 1 year warranty for the car if the customer fits the kit through the dealer itself. When doing so the rate of fitment will also be on the higher side.


    As far as I know, there is no problem with the engine. The same kit that comes on factory fitted Maruti vehicles are available in the market. If you want to have longer drive, go in for the larger tanks (eats up boot space) else go for the spiral tank that can be placed in the spare wheel well. But it have only 20litres capacity.


    Power loss will be there and it will show itself in the mileage also. So a LPG fitted vehicle will be giving lower mileage than when run in petrol mode. But the price difference of the fuel completely offsets that minute mileage difference.


  11. Yeah...... in the case I mentioned, the airbag of the Swift ZXi was torn or something. Usually airbag is meant to cushion off any forward moment and not to take the full force of body mass in an accident. More important atleast in our case is to go for a vehicle that has ABS. Its not to say AIRBAG is not useful, but ABS helps almost on every single drive. Thats not the case with an AIRBAG!

  12. friends i need your serious seuggestions here. i am planning to buy a new car and this will be my first car. as there are lots of accidents here in my place i would like to have a car with AIRBAGS. i think i may do around 1000 - 1400 kms a month.

    Just for info....


    An AIRBAG will be completely useless you are wearing the seat belt.


    AIRBAG is only the secondary restraining system and its the Seat Belt which is the primary restraining system. So unless, any driver's first step is not rite, second step is not going to help.


    I wud like to mention a case that happened in my state. A Swift ZXi rammed into another vehicle (a lorry i suppose) and the driver got injured and he complained that his ZXi models airbag didn not work properly etc etc. And what Maruti dealer pointed out was that it is the drivers fault and not that of the Vehicles, because he wasn't wearing his seat belt in the first place. This happed sometime last year.


    So, any of u guys who still are lazy to strap urself with that dull black piece that hangs from the B-piller of ur car, put back ur laziness and comfort in the back seat......



  13. another link


    from the above link

    Presented with a win on a platter, Karan rode a measured race to take the flag. "I kept my cool and did not push too hard. Given that I was riding a TVS-125X, half the power compared to Santhosh's TVS-250X, I had to bide for my time. Even he should not feel bad about my win, for I too have lost to him previously. This is what keeps us ticking on the track," he adds.


    so if its the 125X which got 33bhp, does it mean the 250FX for over 65bhp??? smiley5.gif


    a picture from the above link, 125X ploughing mudd ....


  14. i agree with u biking.... its looks really childish on bajajs part to throw such accusations on tvs... hope they will deal this in a matured way... and for the 20000 rs bike it reminds me of a old bike which my uncle had in early 90's.. it was called as EXPLORER if i remember correctly

     btw, the Explorer came alloy spokes, rite?


    to me the low cost Chinese bike from side profile looks a bit like the Explorer. the tank and stuffs


  15. Got some links for the 125X and nice to hear that the 125X is a 33bhp skinny monster!


    But i want more specification and pictures of the bike. I have seen small stap sise pics online, but thats doesn't satisfy my urge.



    a quote from the above link.


    Anyone could pick up one of the special TVS bikes made available here and train on the track for just Rs 500, Venu said, adding that the latest TVS 125X models had been made available for the track. The power is 33 HP and it is fitted with special suspension and monoshock enabling riders to compete at international levels. Of course, the level of the track and the skill of the riders have to be raised even higher to meet exacting global standards and be competitive at that level, Venu added.

    A new set of TVS 250FX would soon be made available, being made specially in Europe in association with Engines Engineering, Venu said, adding that four of these special bkes would be brought in from Europe shortly.


  16. its true that there maynot be a high demand, but see it this way......

    why wouldn't there be a demand for a Fuel Injected 300-350 cc bikes that can be produced at the same price as the almost no-tech un-Royal Enfield and gives its users a mileage of 40-50 kmpl??


    But the bike should come with a normal riding position and give its users the same comfort as the Enfield. This would give the urging bikers a bigger, comfortable and the tourers a damn Good  option other than the newly painted Vintage RE Bullets.


    If that kind of bike is going to Indian market, then its for sure that the first to vapourise would be the Bullets. They are still sticking around only because the heavy's have no other option, in terms of larger capacity bikes as well as that doesn't rip off their budget.





  17. Question for the Gurus,


    when is the new Santro getting launched?


    1) Diesel variant


    There is a diesel variant in the pipeline, but I expect almost No changes to the interior from the existing model. I maybe wrong, but introduction of a diesel in itself is a big boost which doesn't need a upgrade of interiors to taste success.


    2) Santro with new interiors


    I did hear about a refreshed interiors for the current Santro, so that changes first and foremost might be coming to the current petrol version. But if that is coming, it might be only after the aunch of diesel variant??


    Experts thoughts please....



  18. It does comes with some list of bells & whistles......but guys, stuff that I don't like

    1) ordinary fuel tank cap

    2) boring console

    3) Tail light not to my taste

    4) no gas charged Shock?? 


    ok, now lets don't throw a protective blanket and say that its meant to eat the 100cc segments. But, on the contrary, its a 125cc bike and its direct (newly launched) competitor is the 125cc TVS Flame. Feature wise, the TVS Flame beats the Bajaj hands down, except maybe for the claimed 108 kmpl for the XCD.


    other than that, i don think a good reason why anyone should go for the XCD. As rssh noted, its also a bit pricy.