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    PULSAR 300????

    I don't think there is a need for Name chage to bring out a better product. What bajaj need to do is to bring out the twin cylinder 30+bhp off-roader that they showcased in an earlier expo, they can bring out two models with that engine. Its been long since I've seen a good offroader (or say a distinct looker) ever since Bajaj in the early 90s brough out theirs...
  2. yeah can't agreee more......the sound was simply awesone. I'd rate it as the best exhaust beat from any Indian motorcycle.
  3. BKing

    PULSAR 300????

    Cyrus, the picture or say the CG looks Good. But can u post the Bigger picture?
  4. it does become a 2008 model, at the same time there is a factory cutoff number for the Chasis for the concerned year. i.e, any chasis number that doesn't come in that cut-off list becomes a 2008 model even if the vehicle purchased was in 2007. The company usually sends that list of chaisi to the concerned RTO and the same will be endorsed in the owners (or your) RC. So even if you want to buy a vehicle during December (festive & year ending offers) check out that the vehicle is not of old stock and a new one, which can be endorsed as a 2008 model. I thought of telling it, because offers in January will be very few when compared to December.
  5. Can't it also be due to lessen the production time, ease of maintaiance and the suppliers changing over to the alloys as well? TVS or any other 2-wheer manufacturer would have gone that way sensing what the customer want and their own economy of sales. I am sure all the bikers here would agree that cleaning their bikes have become easy ever since the alloys came in! But yes, Bajaj came in with it. No denial. Bajaj-TVS 1-0 Nope! It was TVS that came in with Black alloys. If I'm not wrong Bajaj brought out their Black Pulsar only after - maybe - seeing the Spy pictures of the prototype Apache with Black Alloys in the testing, because I have not yet seen any Apache with alluminium alloy pictures. But that pre-production bike was with a different alloy than what the production Apache's had. Bajaj-TVS 1-1 None of the Models that Bajaj displayed at Auto Expo that I have seen had Digital consoles. Where as the AutoExpo 2004 where TVS showcased their "production reality" model basd on Fero (then called Chicane) had a digital console with digital speedo on the right and an tacho on the left. Its atleast 2 years after that, Digital consoles came on the Pulsar. It also had projection lamps, so P220 copied it? So to say TVS thought about digital consoles only after Bajaj is a bit harsh on TVS. Bajaj-TVS 1-2 Why should TVS turn to Bajaj for inspiration on Twin sparks, when their erstwhile partner have been using it? But whats so specific about a twin-spark? Its not an innovation that Bajaj unleashed and have been there since the 80s. Also, TVS Flame engine is a totally different stuff that Bajaj is yet to come to terms with. I am pretty sure that many automotive magazines might be scratching their heads as to which one to choose as the Bike of the year. TVS Flame or Bajaj XCD. my Vote is for TVS Flame! Bajaj-TVS 1-3 No i dont deny their right to respond, but a response has to let out only after the details have been studied. The response that came from Bajaj looked like small kids were throwing mud at a promising new comer, because the kid doesnt like him use his playground and take away his share. Bajaj-TVS 1-4
  6. No one got any idea as to when the Bajaj Blade will get launched? how about Auto Expo 2008, any chance?
  7. The Big Bad Boy in Indian 2-wheeler industry definetely seems like Bajaj. They have been the harcore opponents (if I'm not wrong) of Chinese and other low-cost bikes entering the Indian market and recently, their ego, jealously and other attitude made them to take a cheap pot shot at TVS Flame. They have been, along with sympthisers in automotive magazine sections, pulling up the issue of substandard and cheaper quality products entering the Indian market and asking for a ban and sort of thing. BUT, BUT, BUT......where was this Bajaj and other concerned automotive wallas before the 90s??....weren't the Indians fed with the same cheap quality products from their stable by blocking the entry of higher quality Japanese and other Bikes and automotives?? All was done in the name of grooming the Indian industry (or grooming individual business houses pockets?) and loss of jobs. But the situation now is that, the same people who were selling cheap products earlier and have now come to making better products through their learning curve want to deny the newer players the basic right to learn and get better. Also, how much does Bajaj which boasts as the no2 2-wheeler maker contribute in terms of direct employment??......a bare minimum, if I'm not wrong. Hero Honda and other makers are better in that area as well when compared to Bajaj.
  8. I agree and I've become a believer on the bias that TVS have been getting from Indian automobile magazines. Atleast I have felt it! But' date=' i disagree about the Pulsars endurance test. In an interview some years ago, Rajeev bajaj had some points to make about his baby - the pulsar. he was saying that the first time that they tested the Pulsar engine on full throttle, it ended in a few minutes. But now, it can go on full throttle for 24 hours. I can't say for sure how much it is true, but from his confidence and his pointing out that single stuff, I have to believe that statement. Ameen
  9. oh, so the only option might be a 2nd hand bike? The thought that RTR EFi wud be the last thing is the sadest thing, B'coz it would meant the original Apache design will be gone for ever and will only be available in sportier version. In my view, original Apache looked stunning from the side with its panels and the black & white combo of engine & exhaust gave it a real good Look. I love it! RTR's exhaust looks unfinished and "touched-up" in a hurry. As for the functional perspective, wont the Flames exhaust do the job with some tweaking? But my question regarding the fitment of the same on the Apache remains unsolved. maybe for the answer I must wait till Flame is launched? Plus the RTR EFI sounds too good...you'll only mess up the character of the bike if you plonk in the Flame's exhaust. But if you are hell bent on changing your exhaust. I'd say wait for the warranty period to get over and then get your self a custom designed free flow exhaust! ok.but, how about tuning the Flames exhaust? Actually I love the console of RTR, its just that I wanted the speedo on the right side. But as u say, a few hours of ride might change it. Done! But how about fitting it on the Apache, what all problems and shortcoming likely to come-up? no, I just want a more finished headlamp assembly. Pulsar's havn't been the best, but still better than the Apache's. thats what i wanted to see, if there will be any compatibility issue. AFAIK, the RTR levers have been specifically designed for peg scrapping....and it will easily be much better compared to the pulsars. And why in heavens sake do you want to remove those beautiful RTR levers and put in fugly pulsar levers???? hey, i dnt say i want a pulsar's lever. I was mentioning about the utility of those levers compared to those found on Apache & Flame. Any rough estimate on the cost involved for rear disk brake as well as to put a petal disk up front?
  10. Whats the latest on the Scooters front? Bajaj showcased its Blade in the last Expo and a lot was being expected from Kinetic with its JetSet. But now that JetSet plans have been dropped (?), the only hope for seeing a good scooter is the Bajaj's Blade. When is it going to be launched and is there any plans from the TVS in the near future? Any chance of LML or Vespa planning to bring in some good scooters into the Indian market? I love scooters due to its utility and the comfort, and have waited too long to see the JetSet get to the roads, but that never happened. Are the chaps like me who love scooters going to get dissapointed, yet again?
  11. What really happened with the Tata's C-segment car that they displayed at AutoExpo98?
  12. As far as ride is concerned, I feel Ford is sure to have some problems cornering due to its rather bulky stance, Maybe hardcore users can put their experience. On the off-road side, I wonder how many of the guys really take their precious vehicles to real off-roading to have a cliff-hanger feel??
  13. Captiva looks better' date=' by shedding the Boxy image of the Endeavor. Captiva would be earning you Pleasent smiles rather than a Serious look where ever you take it. So, over to u as far as looks Go. I certainly Love the Captiva. Its just that I can't afford one at this moment In terms of how much a Manufacturer is serious about a market and adhering to its standards can be seen from the detailed changes that a manufacturer incorporates in its vehicles. When considering that, Ford have learnt its leassons (due to an earlier case) and changed their attitude (but M&M have not..! ) and is folowing the standard which can be seen in the Endeavor as well - The Wiper is on the left and Headlight controls are on the right, something that I missed on the Chevy's Captiva. So go in for the Captiva....it got a smaller capacity engine but pumps out almost the same power as the Endeavour and Torque is not that behind. This surely is going to make u get to longer distance than an Endeavour* *depends on various parameters
  14. Arey yaaron, no one got any suggestion for me or did I post the material in the wrong thread? No one got answers for the questions that I raised for the modification? mainly, its feasibility and a rough cost analysis?
  15. Jaideep, I think Apache will be really fine. If your are planning for a 125cc, wait for the TVS Flame.
  16. Hi Freinds, I'm a new member and got some questions regarding TVS Apache. But first my view on the Apache. "Beauty lies with the Beholder", with that Philosophy, I put forward my set of dislikes & likes on the Apache. Like most of u, Apache's beauty captured my heart, and I have loved to buy one. But I reserved it till a few changes occur to the bike and have been looking forward to it. But contrary to my expectations, TVS went in for the RTR, which certainly had some very welcome features. My Dislikes (Apache) a) Exhaust pipe Consoles c) Headlight fairing My Dislikes (Apache RTR) a) Exhaust pipe Fully Sporty position c) new tail lamp d) Exhaust Chamber placement e) Extra fitted small tail f) Black alloys & engine General Questions a) Is the Apache still available? (I mean is the company still producing it?) Any problem with transmission that any heavy users of Apache have experienced? I have not yet bought the Bike and I'm still waiting to see my "dream" Apache to roll out or atleast the components to roll out so that I can modify the bike to my hearts content! Modification needed - a) Change of Exhaust pipe I have Zeroed in on Flames Exhaust Pipe, which is sooooo damn Good Looking. Consoles Definetely the digital meter of the RTR will do! But the Pulsar's console is better, in the sense that, the Speedometer is located on the right. I feel its more comfortable. c) Headlamp assembly The present assembly is "unfinished" and it looks like the front end was chopped off. I want a better "finished" assembly. I love Suzuki's B-King headlamp assembly, even Yahama Libero's headlamp promises a lot if worked on it well. The only missing stuff being two "wolf-eyes" in the space available. d) Grab rails Grab rails on the Flame is Excellent. I want it for sure! e) Brake Pulsar's came with the no-nonsense foot lever which will do its work even if the groud is kissing the exhaust pipe. But the Apache's won't! Even though the RTR comes with a remedy, it cannot be lifted straigh to the Apache. f) Rear Disk Since the RTR-EFi is coming with an optional rear disk, I would certainly love to have one included in the modification. Now over to You people for suggestions including feasibility of the modificatios and a cost analysis. Rishad Cooper Ji, I expect a reply form u as well. I know u tooo Love TVS Apache and admire its beauty Thanks