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  1. @rki2007 -reply- With the help of trip meter
  2. Today i got 43kmpl.(av:speed 40-45) I don't know about the brand of the spark plug. I will let you know after checking it.
  3. Today i got 33kmpl .( My av: speed was above 80 ).
  4. what about your record mileage?Is it above 40?
  5. @rki2007 If i use c&n filters? Will there be any difference for me in future?
  6. Even karizma get appxmtly 30-35....So mini-karizma (cbz) should atleast get 40-45? right?
  7. Post deleted Note from mod: Use the Edit option if posting within short time intervals instead of creating back to back posts.BornFree2009-12-13 18:36:58
  8. (cont)If I use C&N air filters what are the advantages and disadvantages? will it effect my mileage? I need a good speed as well as mileage. I am ready to sacrifice my mileage till 45 for power.Wil cbz old model get 45-50 mileage ? WILL C&N AIR FILTERS INCREASE MILEAGE? BHP? PICKUP? I think if the air intake is proper the mileage increases! is it true? Whether iridium spark plugs and c&n filters increase the mileage? Suppose if I am going through a small and narrow road should I go by frequently lowering my gears up and down or @ constant low gear ? Is it necessary to put the overdrive gear @ a low speed with slight knoks? Or is it desirable to continue in the same gear?Will it effect the mileage? SO if I change my filters to C&N will it help me to increase the mileage? Edit: What are the tricks to increase the mileage ? Is speed inversely proportional to mileage ? Should i change my filter to C&N to get more mileage? Should i go at a constant speed between 40 and 60 to get a good mileage? Does speeding decrease the mileage? Note: How difficult is it to post in proper language! Go through forum rules & regulations before procedding any further. BornFree2009-12-13 18:33:41
  9. As already stated above I need a decent mileage, I am not expecting a mileage above 50 but without 40-45 mileage I cant survive. I am a person who covers about 70kms a day. CONSTANT 80-100 is my speed . I dont use to change my gears frequently , brake or accelerate much. Will you tell me how much is the maximum record mileage of old cbz model? How to get a decent mileage ? Is it possible for me to get an approximate 40or45 @ 80speed? PLEASE help me to solve my problems. from jaroos Post edited Note from mod: Further posts with poor grammar & language will be deleted. BornFree2009-12-13 18:06:00
  10. Hi, I have cbz (old model), I am satisfied with its performance and pick up, but the problem is that I am getting a very less mileage. Max and min mileage that I got is 30 and 23 respectively. I do not accelerate much but I use to ride @ 80-100speeds. I am not interested in riding my bike @ 40-60s . My spark plugs,engine oil are all correct as directed by the company.I am a regular reader of Autocar India and I use to follow the tips and suggestions .I use to maintain the tyre pressure @28 and 32 . I use to change my oils before 2000kms and I use to do all things to maintain my mileage. So will you please tell me the steps to increase my mileage? Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required & post in proper English.BornFree2009-12-13 17:51:24