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  1. Dear Forum Members / Experts, As per discussions held in this forum and advice of forum members i am convinced that etios diesel is a good value for money car as of today. i am planning to buy this car for my elder sister who is into school / teaching industry at respectable position. Pls suggest me which color option should i make a choice between classic grey , symphony silver, celestial black, white, vermillon red and harmony beige. My view points towards two colors in demand i.e classic grey and symphony silver is like this: a. Grey is new color entrant in this car. The chrome goes in good contrast with this color. The interior goes in good contrast to this color. The bumper corner protector rubber accessory is black in color so fits good. b. As of my study on internet, silver is maximum selling color in the world. In the night, silver is easily seen vis a vis dark colors like grey. But chrome gets mixed with silver and does not go contrast with it. Thus, in light of above facts and your suggestions, pls advice me which color should i opt for this car. Your earliest replies would be appreciated.
  2. Dear Fellow Forum Members, Thanks a ton for your kind reply and making my life easier for deciding positive in favor of Etios Diesel. A querry still remains to be shared with respect to choice of color for my new Etios D. Since i am buying this car for my sister who is elder to me and in teaching industry, i would like your suggestions between Grey and Silver color options. Pls pls reply asap as i have to convey my choice of color to the dealer. Though, Silver is old color; grey is new entrant.
  3. Dear All, I am planning to a Diesel Powered 3 Box Sedan in the price category of equal or less than Rs.10.5 Lakhs. For me initial investment is not a major concern whereas yes i am concerned about the recurring cost for the car. I have shortlisted some options such as Toyota Etios VXD (SP) / Skoda Rapid Elegance TDI / Volkswagon Vento HL / Honda Amaze Top End Diesel Version. 1. Though, Etios looks to be VFM; but i am concerned about the Safety Aspect in this car as the steel used is apparently very light; if one kneels on the door, it tends to bent and i am also worried since the vehicle will be driven in Delhi NCR, some touch here and there between vehicles are bound to happen day in and day out, so will etios bear this. 2. Secondly, i am just thinking as to in case i want to spend around Rs.9 lacs worth of my hard earned money, will spending in etios be justified as the vehicle does not looks to be classy vis a vis other cars i mentioned above. 3. Also, why did toyota even after relaunching etios have failed to provide speakers in the rear of the car (though they have put four speakers that too all in front), automatic / electrical adjustment of ORVMs, no arm rest with driver or with rear sitting passengers. 4. How good is 68 ps of etios power vis a vis 100 ps of honda amaze / 105 ps of vento and rapid. What difference would it make to day to day driving. Will the car loose power in case of full occupancy of passengers or on hills. 5. While making the decision to buy, is it the right time to buy a car or should i wait for Seotember offers or Navratra - Diwali Offers. On the other hand, the positive aspects of Toyota Etios which i found was low maintainence cost vehicle, low initial investment, good engine life, easy and comfortable spacing, easy to drive, low on noise, smooth drive. I would request my fellow forum members to please reply asap, as i want to decide in a day or two.