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  1. Thanks guys for the suggestions But hey! I have found this amazing travelogue: Please do check it out...the guy is on an amazing journey!!!
  2. The bike looks like it was brought from the past in a time machine Cant think of paying anything more than 30K for this
  3. Thnx ppl...i am nt planning on a new will take the Unicorn I am smwht skeptical abt punctures...are there any precautions to help prevent one?
  4. Hey guys, M planning to go on a long distance trip on a bike. The trip is going to be more than 2000 km. I have access to a Pulsar 150 and a Unicorn. Which among these is more suitable for such a journey? TIA
  5. At that price it is too costly! A punto diesel should be cheaper than this. The honda badge still might pull the car through.
  6. Maruti are just ignoring the potential of the nano! A stripped down 800 for around 1.7 lac cud be serious competition to the tata.
  7. The alloys look superb....not sporty but perfect for the understated looks of the car.
  8. I drove the VXI couple of days back. It was real fun to handle Really enjoyed hustling it around. Rear seats were quite spacious too. But the boot was a total disappointment as already said by many. Getting into the driver's seat is a pain as well with the steering fouling with my knee. I am a 5'10''. The tacho is gets obstructed by the steering wheel.
  9. Ya I heard Jeremy had a nice time on their scooters
  10. Well it used to air on Saturday afternoon. Doesnt anyone know what happened to the show?
  11. Guys, Can somebody plz let me know when it airs in India? TIA
  12. Congrats for ur new set of wheels!!! My choice wudnt have been the Ikon tho...eventhough its gt a gem of an engine and the recent makeover coupled with the low pricing. My simple point of not going for the car is that barring the engine the car is as old as Autocar India! The strength n rigidity of the bodyshell, the safety features like crumple zones etc will be soo old and technology must have moved a lot forward since then...I definitely wud have limited my choices to the latest offereings in the the i10/swift/fabia for example.
  13. Really not sure why Maruti has priced the car so high....bang in the i10 territory. The i10's interior is much better and justifies its price. What does this car do better than an i10? Performance? Fuel Economy? It has to beat the i10 in both of these areas to command such a price.
  14. he he....i had one such experiance the first time i took the highway at night.....the road just ended.....i did 5 passes to find a way out but failed......then i found a crew of workers who were fixing the road.....they finally helped me out.....real spooky at 1 am.
  15. One thing I have noticed while driving thru highways at night, the truck drivers have become much much disciplined. Couple of flashes of the headlight is enough to make them give way, without having to slow down. Given the option I would always drive at night rather than during the day. If fighting the sleep isn't a concern then highways at night can be as relaxing as ever.