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  1. conclusion : if it is an office car, go for open parking
  2. will it be having an auto parking options? If yes, I will grab it at any cost
  3. If you use it daily for driving to office, then open car parking is enough. In office your would be parking the car in basement. So most of the time it is parked in a closed area. Only in the night it is in open. In week ends and during vacation, use a very good dust cover.
  4. I am planning to replace my Alto Lxi with a medium hatch back. I have short listed Punto Emotion and Ritz Zxi. I request your advice.
  5. What a dramatic change ?! Driven 275 km on from Delhi to Chandigarh and obtained a mileage of 14.73 km / lt ( 25% AC )..Speed was 80 to 100 kmph most of the time. The car has run 1325 km. I hope the mileage would further improve after the first service ( 1st service booked on 23rd Jan with Hyundai Motor Plaza, New Delhi ).
  6. consider Ritz .. my friend owns a Ritz, he is very happy with the performance. He is getting and average of 18 on highway with 25% AC..Ritz zxi costs only 5 Lakh .. cost of i10 Asta ! ..it comes with lots of goodies which i10 doesnt have. EBD, Alloy wheels, Sterio Controls of Steering, Back Fog Lamps etc.ect.
  7. 21 km/ lit in i10 is hard to believe. My I 10 Asta 1.2 is giving 10.37 km / lit without AC . For 27 Litres, I have driven 280 km and out of that, 70 km was on Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway. My vehicle has run a total of 637 kms .. While writing in a forum, one need to be 100% honest
  8. Hi freinds Last month I owned an i10 Asta 1.2 ( Manual ).. When I change the gear to reverse, I hear a "krrr" noice,, I change the gear to reverse only after the car is completely stationary and after fully depressing the clutch. Still I get this noice.. I dont get this noice when I engage reverse gear immediately after switching on the engine..I would be grateful, if somebody give me an advice on this.. thanks in advance unniprabha