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  1. Just an Audilicious one; no numbers here! You have a lust for old school SUV's. Enjoy!
  2. Well I don't wanna spoil my party arguing with you! Happy off-roading! BTW, I'm Audi fanboy and I was just comparing Fortuner with Endeavour and Captiva. I look for performance and not the cars that can outlive people! LOL!
  3. Speed, I have to give it to you! You are real Toyota fanboy! Keep it up. The fact is, irrespective of Fortuner breathtaking success, Captiva LTZ has better: Ride Handling Interiors Safety Features Value for Money Convenience As for Fortuner, except for reliability factor, sheer off-roading skills and killer looks factor - There's nothing in it. There's vast difference between Captiva (Manual) and Captiva Automatic 4 X 4!
  4. True. Toyota commands respect and deserving so. For how long - we will have to see. GM knows there is no way in this world they can compete in this segment with CBU's. They had to clear their stocks sooner or later. GM did it right now and for a good reason. Same goes for NISSAN, SUZUKI and HONDA. All of them will opt for CKD route. Watch for the competition in next 12 months. I'm just comparing how we are getting ripped off. After all, Toyota is selling Fortuner at a price of CBU. In thailand, the price gap between Innova and Fortuner is meagre while in India, one could buy 2 entry level Innovas instead of one Fortuner. Market conditions were indeed favorable enough for Toyota and they are taking full advantage of the same. I bet 99% of the guys owning these costly SUV's wont ever do hardcore off roading in their life! For off roading, these people can stick with their gurkhas. NISSAN has big plans for India in coming years. I feel they are now taking Indian market more seriously than ever so A.S.S. wont be an issue in coming years Thats exactly what I meant to say that it's grossly overpriced. Toyota is a world class brand adored by millions and for some good reason. If I were in USA, I would have chosen Camry over any GM car in that range because Camry over there is damn cheap. But not in India! No way I'm going to blow away 24 lacs on Camry and I will pick Superb anyday over anything else. Toyota Fortuner won it because of huge brand name and lack of competition. After this honeymoon period gets over and other manufacturers bring in their models via CKD route, let's see what they have in stock. Right now what I can see, Toyota is more overconfident than ever and dont be surprised to see price hikes for Fortuner while Fortuner Automatic is a mere illusion as of now!
  5. Captiva LTZ (19.5 lacs): Apart from ABS and EBD, Captiva LTZ boasts of: 1. ESP (Inc. Traction Control) 2. HDC 3. Automatic Transmission/Tiptronic 4. Disc Brakes on All Wheels Toyota has seriously missed majority of the safety features that should have been there. Captiva LTZ on the other hand oozes more luxury and is safer car than Fortuner. Overall, Captiva LTZ dwarfs Fortuner when it comes to features.
  6. Expect the correction in the tune of 5 Lacs, if not 50%
  7. Captiva is indeed coming as CKD in India in 2010.
  8. Tiguan would be around 22 but then you get German engineering at it's best. As per as WHATCAR (UK) review, it's something special. CRV Diesel would not be CBU now IMO, if Honda has to succeed, they have to assemble this in India. Costing of about 20L is realistic but then you get a world class crossover. When RE/US$ was 40, CRV costed 17+ and 19+ as CBU. So it is very likely when this is assembled in India, the pricing will be spot on. SANTE FE is one of the American top selling SUV's Even WHAT CAR (UK) has given 4/5 to SANTA FE while other including Toyota lacked behind. I don't go after brand name anymore, I simply go with wave and performance. When this SUV will hit the Indian shores, watch out. It's brilliant inside out. It's R series Diesel will put Toyota to shame. Grand Vitara Diesel is backed by Maruti/Suzuki and will be hot favorite among us. It will sell well even as CBU. If assembled, the pricing will come down drastically - good news for us. If Skoda Superb and Laura is anything to go by, YETI will be something too. Waiting for the same anxiously. Let's see what next year has in store for all of us. Competition will bring the best out everyone.
  9. Lack of competition. E.g. Toyota Camry could not think of and will not come close to Skoda Superb in sales, engine and refinement no matter what. Superb will continue to smoke every car in this segment no matter what. So being a Toyota doesn't mean you're invincible. The matter of fact is there isn't any sort of competition (except for Captiva but it's a CBU) to Fortuner at this point of time so Fortuner comes as the best possible package to every Indian. Mitsubishi on the other hand is toying with us by selling their 8 Lac crap for 20 crap. In the absence of competition in this segment, Toyota will continue to mint money at its will. I'm waiting for the following launches and when they're done, let's see what Toyota has in stock for us? New Endeavour Grand Vitara Diesel Santa Fe Tiguan CRV Diesel
  10. If Honda manages to assemble CRV Diesel in India and offer it at around 18, it will smoke Toyota for sure. Fortuner, for it's interiors and equipment, is overpriced by at least 3.5 Lac rupees. Atleat, they should have taken some leaves out of Honda CRV as long as interior quality is concerned.
  11. I agree. Toyota has stripped many things. Innova can do 99% of the things what a Fortuner can do. Just for extreme off roading, 3 litre engine and looks, I don't see any need of spending 8 lacs extra.
  12. Seem to some good news for Ford Endeavour Enthusiasts. Just spoke to my dealer (Bhagat Ford) and he has confirmed following: 1. Leaf Springs go and Endy has all new suspension. 2. Rear View Camera. 3. 3 Litre Diesel, Automatic Transmission More surprises on the way....That's it, he said it would be best to visit to his showroom tomorrow as he can't divulge everything on phone. New Endeavour Automatic has an edge over Fortuner in terms of features. Pricing has not been confirmed but he said it would be more very competitive. He also remarked he was confident of good number of bookings as many of the potential Fortuner customer were pissed off by the long waiting periods. So I assume the biggest grunt regarding rear suspension goes away. Watch up Toyota. Extremely long waiting period was always going to be a double edge sword.
  13. To the OP, post some pics of fleet of FORTUNERS at Mumbai or JNPT