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  1. Face it' date=' guys... The Optra is a car meant for the boring kind of people who wouldn't mind tossing that extra buck for that li'l bit of luxury and pride. They can't really see that they're being looted. Neither the Optra is cool nor attractive. Its got boring looks and sprinkles of melancholy everywhere around it. I know a black Optra... no amount of washing, cleaning, perfume would cheer her up... Negative vibes all around... Always gloomy, get that roomy?



  2. Well, I dont know why so many people rave about Resale values of their vehicles. Got to pick the vehicle on the basis of performance and just enjoy your time with it.


    If I were choose between an Octi and Optra, Optra would be my choice as it beats the former hands down in almost all the departments. So I would worry less about resales and enjoy the performance of Optra rather than enjoying the fantasies of Octi resales values.

  3. Hi' date='


    I found this photograph on CNN.COM and wanted to check if Maruti plans to release the SX4 SUV in India. I feel that this avatar of the SX4 looks better than the sedan released in India and could do well if they provided it with a diesel engine and with automatic transmission.







    Thats not an SUV!

  4. I have repoted to TATA on multiple occasions but of no avail.

    The thing is TATA motors is sitting pretty as there's no real competition in it's respective category (say Safari and Indica).


    Although Toyota Innova has really affected Safari's sales, I'm waiting a one particular Diesel SUV (maybe Fortuner) priced at 13 lacs to come along and TATA Safari will be history.


    Maybe in the coming time we can see some diesel hatchbacks in the price range of 4-5 lacs to kick TATA Motors A$$.


    Fierce competition in the coming time will force TATA Auto to revolutionize it's quality and after sales service, else they're off.

  5. Tata claims to have the second largest service network in the country. And I personally think even the after sales service is quite good. I never had any problems with my Dicor though my friend once had. He is a hardcore off-roader and once he abused it so much tat he had to take it to the service guys. Well, what I gathered from him is that they fixed it in one shot without any delays. He was quite happy with them.

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  6. The MOST comfortable car out there. Even more comfortable than Sonata CRDI. Potholes and uneven roads will not bother you anymore. Acceleration is great and it's hard to believe that it's a diesel car.

    Although I didn't it's interiors but I really think at 10 lacs, this is the BEST overall car money can buy. It's way better than Skoda Octavia TDI.


    The most catchy point: Sheer Comfort and Diesel Power (Acceleration)

    Most hated point: Lack of accessories and plain interiors.


    Having said that I'm very excited about GM's Diesel technology and now, I'm waiting for Chevrolet CAPTIVA which is due next January. It'll be certainly better than Optra when it comes to comfort, power and equipment.

  7. Apart from economy (Diesel is much cheaper then Petrol) is there anything else (a valid point) why Diesel Engine should be preferred over Petrol counterpart?


    In India the mindset is such that if it's diesel, it wins otherwise car manufacturers don't stand a chance! Honda is an exception though.