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  1. Captiva It will be. I'm hoping that GM keep it under 18 lacs while 15-16 would be perfect. Actually for me, it's not serious off-roading.....the road from Amritsar-Pathankot is in shambles with hundreds of potholes welcoming you and I travel more often through this highway. This pot-holed highway virtually kills car suspension and low ground clearence of Honda cars further aggreviates this.
  2. Yeah, I'm disappointed with the refinement issues of the TATA. After so many upgrades, TATA remains TATA!
  3. It sucks to buy a automobile in Mumbai Better of buying it in New Delhi!
  4. If I were you (provided that diesel don't come in your way), I would go with Optra Magnum anyday. I had a test ride few weeks back and it's a true joy to ride. Certainly one of the best power diesels around. Before going for Civic, just try Magnum; you won't come to know easily that it's diesel. Fully loaded version at 10 lac is just about perfect! Honest.
  5. I'm planning to go for SUV early next year. Should I go with Ford Endeavor (Latest Model) or should I wait for Chevrolet Captiva? Is there anything which Captiva has and Endeavor lacks or there are more or less same? I'm looking for Diesel SUV so Grand Vitara and CRV is out of contention.