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  1. Welcome Raina. Hope u wuld enjoy ur stay in here and update the vehicles u have.
  2. not much of a difference I could find in Twister and Unicorn. The color combination doesnt luk good. Hope these are not the only one avail.
  3. Difficult to understand your thread and what you arer trying to say. If you can brief us on what exactly you have done, it will be helpful for other lineans. Post edited Note from mod: avoid SMS lingo & post in proper language.BornFree2009-12-28 13:47:19
  4. great review soundar. Congrtz on ur purchase. We are sailing on the same boat, but mine is a Linea.
  5. Thanks cartoos, started enjoying her
  6. Thanks and same 2 u. My wishes to all frnds in here..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.
  7. thnx rssh and coolboy. I was worried for revving upto 3k due to this clutch long ply during run in period. all experts here have replied that its not gonna affect the fire and its also normal so I am relieved. Even today while driving, I felt 100% confident in revving and also moving the car from 1st gear. Linea never stalled today due to my confidence. I have checked my mileage now and its now increased to 13 from 9. Happy.
  8. Aagree Pancham. Safety is first. When I drive my bike or car somewat fast, I simply think of my family waiting for me at home. I recently got this feeling, when I met with an accident while driving my bike. I was not alone and with me my uncle was seated. His wife and daughter are waiting for us at home. For my sake, why should I bring in tears for my sis and her daughter. Luckily, I was the one who got hurt much. Just bruises for my uncle. While driving my car, I drive fast, but not rashly. Also I do wear seat belts. Safety is first, enjoyment and pleasure is always next. If we cant teach our younger generation, the car manufacturers can do. I have seen in Innova, when the seat belts are not worn, it beeps. Why cant this feature be a mandatory one for all vehicles? Starting from Nano. A G.O should be passed on it.
  9. @Vahan thnx for the info. now I am relieved. I was hovering around 2k from start but from few days back increased it to 2.5k sometimes in the hiway, since she has become silky smooth. enjoying linea when it touches 80km. @DD thnx for ur advice. as u said, i am more cauious in riding this sedan when taking a U turn, narrow lanes and most importantly during reverse. thnx to my instructor in maurti who adviced the same when I was driving the esteem. @bala Spark clutch for me is not heavy and it was normal. But linea clutch is heavy as well as the ply is long. This is what I am concerned. Any ways to adjust the ply?
  10. thnx for providing the info. Will check in both places and revert.
  11. I heard, TATA has recalled many Nano since some of them caught fire. Is it true?
  12. dre@ms

    Kenden Here!

    Welcome aboard bro. I have seen you in TBhp. Am I right?
  13. ^^ True. It is worse in Spark. Had to put the reverse gear more than one time to engage.
  14. I am trying to do the same thing. But, my car is new and has just clocked 650 odd KM. So, worried about revving my car much. Sometimes I do rev and the rpm shoots to 3000. Will this affect the engine? Also, is there a running in period for Linea? Read somewhere, that a running in period is not required for Linea but for the first 1000 or 1500 KM need to keep the RPM around 2000 to 2500. Also in the manual there is no mention of the run in period and they have mentioned not to hard brake within the first 500 KM. Please clarify.