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  1. Thanks Guys, appreciate the inputs I got mixed up with the DDAS and the tripmeter. Yes, there is a tripmeter on the E4 I got (with resettable trip1 and trip2 options). But, I'm still peeeed off with the misleading website of Mahindra Xylo that says E4 comes equipped with DDAS and Rear spoiler. The online brochure I downloaded also has DDAS ticked for E4 Anybody I can write to, and contacts of senior persons of Mahindra I could get...? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm getting a new Xylo E4 very soon. The online brochure says the vehicle comes with the DDAS (Digital drive assist system) that provides you a tripmeter, distance to end indicator, fuel economy etc etc... but the brochure at the dealer shows DDAS not available on E4. I'm disappointed as a trip meter or fuel economy indicator would be of great help for a traveler like me and I always thought its a basic fitment as a trip meter was available on my earlier Alto!!! Any ideas or suggestions on finding a trip meter (or anything similar) unit as an accessory from the outside market? I stay in Bangalore and any hints on this would help. Thanks!
  3. thanks guys.... few clarifications.. 1. yes agreed that may be a low grade tinkering job done, but my concern is just for a run-in of 25k kms, the metal corroding off is the point im unable to digest (my bro has a splendor bike with run in of almost 90kms without any major issues)? 2.Ya.. here im finding it a bit funny nowadays.. till the vehicle stabilizes the idle rpm is very low with the engine fizzing out at low speeds. After running for about 10kms, in neutral gear the idle rpm is very high (just sounds like a lorry )... 3. Ok will check on the drum pads 4. Ok will maintain this too...
  4. Hi All, A newbie here but a die hard fan of ACI magazine... Own a Alto lxi, discover dtsi and love travelling... Finding solutions for my bike issues landed me here and glad to be part of this family. Happy Riding!
  5. Hi, I own a Bajaj Discover dtsi 125cc 2005 model and till now traversed about 25k kms. For the first 3 years i got it serviced from the Bajaj dealer itself. From then I'm getting it serviced through a known local mechanic... the issues i'm facing are... 1. The silencer has corroded and there's a hole on it (the bajaj dealer suggested i get it tinkered locally and its done about 6 months back). Now a new hole on the silencer has popped up right next to the old one? 2. Vehicle at neutral does not idle (not an idling problem...) the mechanic says the compressor might be leaking need to open the engine unit? I'm confused on this. 3. Rear brakes are not upto the mark, the mechanic is telling the drum kit is wearing out and needs to be replaced in the near future. 4. Mileage has dropped down from about 55kmpl to around 45kmpl within a year. I'm a average speed driver, servicing the vehicle regularly but just in 4 years so many issues arising out of Baja bike is my biggest concern. Need advice on should i go back to the Bajaj service centre or ?