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  1. sorry.. i did not understand what a rev counter is.
  2. So... is it that this car reaches at its max speed at 5500rpm?
  3. Hi Team, I would like to understand what is max torque and power that Car companies specify in technical specs... It would be something like the foll Max. Horsepower (ps/rpm) 94/5500 Max. Torque (kg m/rpm) 12.5/3500 I understand that these numbers are w.r.t to RPM's... what does this indicate? Is it that the car which gives you max power and torque in lower RPM's is better or is it vice versa ?
  4. How about for a Santro..13"?? i've changed the original Bridgestone radials to tubeless Goodyear- dint go for a change in inches... i normally give 'm 30 each.. heard that for long drives, its better to lower by 2psi.. is this correct ?
  5. My vote for Santro.. easy handling in cities... i have one and i'm impressed with its looks and performance....
  6. hey... i know a Baleno that's to be sold.. 2nd hand.. 20000 change kms done...2004 Dec make...VXi with company alloys...Black color....wanna chk out..???
  7. Thanks... So wht ppl have blue light is just for a change of style ? Do you know how much does the company fog lights costs ??
  8. Hi, My Santro does not have fog lights. Was thinking of getting one... coz i heard that during long drives it serves well... What's your opinion about Neon/Blue fog lights on a Santro. Is the visibility better than the company provided fog lights ?