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  1. Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme bike is really looking awesome in its appearance. It is very good to have this type of bike in a stylish manner. The mileage is essential for this type of bike to use it for our requirements. It is very useful to save the money while they are adopting the proper tips for our bike. The 149.2cc engine really helps the people to get a lot of good mileage for their uses. It eventually helps the people to think about the use of this type of mileage for their uses. It is good to change the engine oil in a frequent manner will help you to get the proper mileage for yours. It will eventually helps to clean the carburetor in a good manner for our needs of using it. You never try to change the gears always. This also makes you to decrease the carburetor level to get it. It also drops your mileage to some phase. This will definitely help the people to get some good things for them.