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  1. Free accesories 1. Carpeting the whole car and boot mat 2. Car perfume 3. Mudflap car had 77km on the odo during delivery. i think it is on the higher side
  2. here are the pics 1'st is a linea toy http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php
  3. Normally registered cars don't end up as TD cars, it was registered on last Sat. but the salesman had his wedding so couldn't take it.BornFree2010-02-05 16:12:19
  4. will take delivery at lexus motor at 12.00 pm this saturday the 6th of feb
  5. car has arrived on last friday will take delivery next to next week
  6. @ arreddyy are you sure that this is the figo interior whats the source
  7. i once spotted a white coloured ford mini suv type with same type no plates in haridevpur. It looked cool
  8. Good write up Anjan. DD is correct , storm has decent acceleration because of the 820 kg weight. the 1197 cc iVTEC has 90 PS/ 89 bhp. thats the benchmark
  9. Piku1506


    welcome to the ACI forum. Enjoy your stay
  10. hey blusapphire , we had the versa. it has 5 doors total 2+2 + ****ey. it has 2 slider doors and not 1
  11. how is the service experience in TASS
  12. congrats my dad also booked a fiat punto emotion pack in the red colour here the active OTR is 4.27
  13. @rahul1810 i already paid the full amount I drove the i10 1.1 when it was launched. The dealer could not arrange for a TD you are correct, the TC of all Fiats are too big But I find it difficult to imagine the length of the boot and though no accidents have been caused by me , scratches and dings cant be avoided. Fiesta will be driven by a chauffeur as usual. I drive fiesta only about a week in a month another reason for buying another car is for my personal transport. My son's school give up at 5.00 pm and the car reaches me at 8.00 pm after dropping my son. So even if I finish work I cant go home. BTW how do you change the profile pics . how to upload it from computer. I just joined today so i dont know anything about the forum
  14. That I will manage. Wont cancel now. BTW OTR was 6.08 Free Insurance and Extended Warranty