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  1. Quite true, the styling is distinctive.
  2. If I were in your place, my mind would urge me to buy a Honda, but my Heart would yearn for a Linea. Frankly speaking, Honda is good, Honda is great. But there's a mystic Charm in Linea that draws the buyer towards it. I would rather wait for the Linea T-Jet..or if you are in a hurry, go for the Linea MJD.
  3. Seems like Aria has less Area than Venture
  4. by the way have the tech specs of Venture and Aria been finalized? I mean Venture will come with a 2000cc TCIC & Aria with 2.2 Dicor from Safari, are they correct?
  5. It looks much more spacious than eeco. Being a TATA, we can assume it will be safer as compared to eeco. Looks good from inside.
  6. Read somewhere that it will be priced around 7-9 lacs.
  7. @ Durango Dude, a drunken monk with five people(or 7, who knows) on board sounds dangerous... floorboard is the ideal place for the motor then. And sir you are quite right, these quirky concepts look good and attract crowds only in the expo, before bringing them on the roads, within the stipulated cost, they have to meet many requirements..which would be difficult for some of them to meet. As rightly said by you, one of them is the Honda. Jazz is so pricey, its not setting the sales charts on fire, so i guess companies will be more cautious before launching a new product in the market in such a competitive ambience.
  8. Its a scary cute-looking monster but any day much more safer than the 3-wheeled rick.
  9. @ Durango Dude, quite true..nobody noticed the huge front over hang.i guess that's where they have put the engine, may be that's why the overhang is so prominent .
  10. I wonder where is Force motors...? They too could have launched a few products...their technological tie up with the Germans(read Merc) is a strong point which they can capitalize on.
  11. Well said...what is the point in displaying Accent ? May be they want to convince the buyers that Accent is here to stay and will not be phased out in near future.
  12. The gear-knob looks good...must say the interior looks better than the exterior.