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  1. Yes. The New 5 Series may sound exciting, but as far as looks are concerned, it definitely doesn't look as revolutionary or exciting as the outgoing version. This is purely a personal opinion, no offence to anyone. I wish it looked better. Looks more like an obese 3 Series. smiley36.gif And also, in's review of the new 5, Andrew Frankel said that this new version has lost some agility of the older version, which sounds very disappointing to me. After all, Bimmers are regarded as the best driver's machines!

  2. I read the February edition of WhatCar? India today, and it said that the Figo's base variant, equipped with the 1.2 L Duratec petrol will retail for around Rs.3.40 lakhs on-road. Let me repeat. ON-ROAD. And the 1.4 L diesel will retail for around Rs.60- 70,000 more, i.e around Rs.4 lakh On-road. If this comes true, it's gonnna kick up a storm.

  3. The VW Polo, in my opinion, would be a good choice for you. It looks pretty good, is a brilliant handler, has a great ride and if it is priced appropriately, then it could also be a VFM package. The only doubt i have is its performance. The Petrol variant probably lacks punch, and the diesel is nothing to shout about either. If performance is ultimately what you seek, you could also look at the 1.2 L K-Series engined Maruti Swift. It sure is a complete VFM product.

  4. These indicated prices are too optimistic. Specially, after seeing the pricing of Fusion and Fiesta! You are right there. Ford India has often committed the cardinal sin of overpricing its cars and spares as well. But this time, they know it won't work. Another overpriced hatch will only spell doom for Ford India. And hence, as the car carries 85% localization, it isn't bad to dream about such a low price tag. It may be possible.

  5. Yes. SVP did not say anything about the Polo's NVH levels specifically, but as far as i could make out, the 1.2 L Petrol sounded a little buzzy to me, not as refined as i had expected it to be. Looking at the base stripped-out variant SVP tested, it seems as if VW is pulling out all stops to price the Polo very aggressively.

  6. Hey everyone, my brother has been planning to buy a bike for quite some time now. He's a newbie and this will be his first bike. He wants a stylish and slightly powerful bike, but wants it to be light, as he fears heavier ones. (It happens all the time with people learning to ride). I finally suggested that he either choose between the upcoming Honda CB Twister or the newly launched Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS (as i will take that bike from him when i turn 18, so i opted for bikes of my choice smiley4.gif ). But then even i am foxed. Can't decide on which one of the two is better. What do i do? Please pour in your experiences and suggestions! And also, is the CB Twister now on sale?

  7. Maruti Suzuki for sure. It's a no brainer. They do everything possible to keep their customer happy. Never will you find a dissatisfied Maruti Suzuki owner. And moreover, their service network is HUGE! No doubt about it, MSIL has the best A.S.S here.

  8. Sure. A VW Polo with an extended wheelbase will probably enter the Indian market as the sedan. With its understated, solid, elegant looks, spacious and quality interiors, mated to the cracking 1.2 TSI engine, and killer pricing will surely ensure that the sedan will be a runaway success.

  9. @Abhi- Don't be disappointed buddy, whatever happens, happens for good. We have a couple of VERY interesting launches in the upcoming month of March, the Ford Figo and the Most Awaited Hatch, the Volkswagen Polo. This might be a blessing in disguise for you, as you will have a wide range of choices. And if color for the Beat is an issue, just close your eyes and choose Green. It has tremendous street presence!

  10. The 1L MJD story was doing rounds all over last year' date=' but its said clearly in AE'10 that GM is gonna launch 1.3MJD, as this will be useful for Beat, Aveo, Uva, its mini MPV..etc.



    Beat coming with a 1.0 diesel engine.It is the same 1.3 multijet with 1 cylinder less.Fuel efficiency is a top priorty not performance.


    What's the Truth out of the above two ??

    @Dr.Nishu-I guess that the Beat will get a 1.0 L MJD as claimed by ACI,as it would give Chevrolet a chance to price it very, very aggressively, and also give the car outstanding fuel efficiency, probably the best in class. Both these factors would make sure that the diesel Beat would be a runaway success.

  11. No' date='No,No there must be no compromise in?eitherof the two,either Performance/Economy.

    See the Swift?it's nothing less!smiley17.gif?
    [/quote']                                                  Neeraj, the Beat will get a 1.0 litre diesel engine which will make 57 bhp, and will also make it the cheapest diesel on sale in India, that is until the diesel Nano arrives in 2011. Read this in Autocar India's August '09 issue.