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  1. But i still do have a doubt in my mind. Why do manufacturers opt to fit CVT transmissions in their cars? What makes those transmissions viable?
  2. But i still do have a doubt in my mind. Why do manufacturers opt to fit CVT transmissions in their cars? What makes those transmissions viable?
  3. And i don't think it is a cause of concern for the indian automobile enthusiast as far as the car is really good in all aspects........anyway we don't have Opel in it doesn't really matter that much, even if the design is a little similar.
  4. Hi everyone. I just happened to be leafing through Autocar India's October '09 issue, and read the Luxury Sedan comparo. I was a little perplexed to see that even while the Nissan Teana had a 2.5 litre V6 engine, it made 180 bhp only, blame it on the CVT transmission, whereas the Skoda Superb and the Honda Accord, using four cylinder engines, generate 160 and 177 bhp respectively. How such a minimal difference in power output even when the Teana has a V6? How does a CVT transmission work and how does it affect performance? Please help!
  5. It is now, that i understand, why the Outlander completely failed to make a mark in its segment. The interiors surely do not live up to its price! Someone paying Rs.20 lakh+ will surely expect something more special. Which, i guess, the Outlander does not provide, and hence, it turned out to be a failure.
  6. The BMW X1, if launched at Rs.24 lakh, will surely send the Nissan X-Trail packing, also sending other manufacturers into a tizzy. Also, the 320d Corporate will be a great buy at that price.
  7. But it is really shocking indeed, to hear of these incidents. I did not expect to see a renowned brand like Toyota, which claims "Quality Revolution", commit such a huge blunder. Carmakers should sit up and take notice, this incident is not something to be taken lightly.
  8. @karan- Yes, the picture you see above IS the so called "Naked" Pulsar 220. It has already been launched and is essentially a 220 without the quarter fairing and the projector lamps. Cheaper by 3k. On sale right now.
  9. I just happened to pass by a Ford showroom yesterday, and i noticed workers using ladders to fix some placards on the showroom walls, which to me looked like the Figo's pictures on them. If it is that way, then i guess the launch is just around the corner.
  10. @FRG- I don't think detailed info about these tests is revealed. For example,some time ago, The Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20 received similar Euro NCAP crash test ratings, but whether the Jazz had only 2 airbags as in the Indian version against the i20's 6 airbags wasn't revealed.
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    BMW X1

    And if the BMW X1 is priced at Rs.24 lakhs, Nissan may well have to either phase out or sell the X-Trail at rock-bottom prices.
  12. Hey guys, can anyone please tell me if official Harley Davidson merchandise is available in Mumbai as of now? Or if not when is it expected in the market?
  13. @bala-i dont have a problem with the car not having rear power windows, i just don't like the fact that you can't roll down the rear windows completely, even manually.
  14. yeah. i just have one grouse with this car, and it is that the rear windows wind down only halfway through (you must have read it in the review Dr.Nishu). Else, this looks like a very, very enticing package.
  15. hey guys! a complete review of the Ford Figo is now available on i just read it and initial impressions are pretty good i must say.
  16. I guess the VRSCDX Night Rod is the most desirable bike. I just love it to bits!!!!
  17. but honestly speaking, i don't find it naked from any angle, it looks more like a Pulsar 180's headlight paired with the now discontinued 200's fairing.
  18. i would not exactly call that complacency, but yes, its sad to see that MSIL hasn't really introduced an all new model for the Indian market. The only reason MSIL cars are so very popular is that they have fabulous A.S.S. and Customer Satisfaction. And to some extent their engines too. But their cars mostly lack a killer point, an advantage which only they enjoy. Thats probably why many customers are now looking towards other manufacturers like Hyundai. Maruti must do something about this.
  19. hey guys, have a closer look at the Figo, and from some angles, it looks like a facelifted Fusion, especially from the rear. Isn't it?
  20. i need help uploading a few pics. can please someone guide me?
  21. i agree with bala, the Venture will no doubt be a better product overall,not to forget better quality that the Venture will offer.
  22. i doubt that the Iris will be priced so low, and even if it is, still i would not buy one at least for personal use.
  23. Absolutely. Even i would hate to see it priced over-the-top, because even i have persuaded my family to wait for the Polo, and such suicidal pricing will only result in dejection and broken hopes..........but lets hope for the best and hope that it is priced closer to the Maruti Swift/Ritz territory.
  24. I know it sounds impossible, but then i won't be surprised to see VW command a premium for the Polo..even though i hope it is priced more competitively.....