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  1. But it hampers the image and respect of a company. There is a company in China called BYD. This company copies all designs of toyota and honda in their cars. We do not have BYD in India' date=' but every one talks about it and criticizes it for faking. So its reputation all over is screwed. If in this case it was an illegal copy paste then Suzuki and GM would never have achieved the reputation it has today. [/quote'] Sure it does, sb-alto. I completely agree with you on that point. But if MSIL brings out an inexpensive, reliable and efficient people-mover, i don't think people will hesitate to buy it. That MSIL badge is all the assurance a buyer would need.              

  2. Hi everyone. I just happened to be leafing through Autocar India's October '09 issue, and read the Luxury Sedan comparo. I was a little perplexed to see that even while the Nissan Teana had a 2.5 litre V6 engine, it made 180 bhp only, blame it on the CVT transmission, whereas the Skoda Superb and the Honda Accord, using four cylinder engines, generate 160 and 177 bhp respectively. How such a minimal difference in power output even when the Teana has a V6? How does a CVT transmission work and how does it affect performance? Please help!

  3. i would not exactly call that complacency, but yes, its sad to see that MSIL hasn't really introduced an all new model for the Indian market. The only reason MSIL cars are so very popular is that they have fabulous A.S.S. and Customer Satisfaction. And to some extent their engines too. But their cars mostly lack a killer point, an advantage which only they enjoy. Thats probably why many customers are now looking towards other manufacturers like Hyundai. Maruti must do something about this.

  4. Absolutely. Even i would hate to see it priced over-the-top, because even i have persuaded my family to wait for the Polo, and such suicidal pricing will only result in dejection and broken hopes..........but lets hope for the best and hope that it is priced closer to the Maruti Swift/Ritz territory.