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  1. My suggestion is buy a 2nd hand esteem .. do a engine job, suspension, clutch and some stuff u think can improve the ride and performance .. and forget the car for next 3 to 4 yrs .. it will be cheap for u and suzuki parts as u know are not expensive also ..
  2. Innova dude .. no other choice .. its the best .. u sit inside (front, back) , u drive, u dont feel that u r stresssed .. its the best
  3. yes vaccum cleaner makes sense .. coz u can clean up the entire car in seconds ..
  4. I think wat SQIITK says .. makes sense .. coz those are called parking lights only .. they shouldn't be used when u r driving in a Fog.
  5. Thank god u r safe bro .. u know i have something to share .. when we jump the signal .. the cop catch us and fine us for breaking the law .. but the law is the same for the person who is crossing the road also .. if he crosses when his signal is red .. why leave them ??? .. Anyways bro i think ur bike's damages will be taken care .. dont worry .. and u have made a very nice choice of buying a Pulsar 220 and want to share something with u .. p220 may not be faster than the Ninja 250 .. but it gives it a tough fight till u cross 80 to 100 kmph .. trust me on this.
  6. Actually.. it was launched in Mumbai almost a month back .. they had kept a small get together for every 1 ... Gautam singhania and few others were a part of the party ..Now Officially launched, Harley Davidson is goin to rock in India.
  7. Hey vinuv, Try to keep your car on idle for 2 minutes .. before you drive, also your mechanic is right that it actually cannot over heat unless youur meter is faulty (as in if its showing normal temperature .. it can even show how hot it is and how cold it is) .. and also make sure that you check your coolant along with your engine oil every 15 days .. because these things play a important role when you are going on a long drives and all.------------ Spelling corrected sgiitk2011-03-03 11:01:32
  8. Yes u r right bro .. wagon r is actually looking worst now .. About kazashi .. lets c wat that thing can do once we get to test drive it.