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  1. Thanks a ton ,.. Please advise me whether i should go ahead with my Feb'2010 delivery of d'zire VXi. Any other inputs will be appreciated.CYRUS432010-01-11 09:38:53
  2. ...... I am expecting delivery of swift d'zire VXi in Feb'2010.I ahve insisted on 210 make but want to know whether there will be any changes. I have heard about upgradation to Euro IV and sme interiors re-done. Is it true? please update me on this and more. ...... NOTE FROM MOD: No sms language, no salutation and closure and/or name please. CYRUS432010-01-11 09:52:27
  3. Hi All, Season's Greetings!!! I am Ashwani Raina working as a telecom prof. in a swedish concern based in delhi. Keep Smiling..... Cheers!!!!! Raina