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  1. I wanna buy amp and bass tube or woofer for my cityzx? whats the difference and which is best suited? plz advice.
  2. which is a better option? i20 or swift?
  3. if we compare specs city produces 118 bhp as against 90bhp by linea. Isnt it??
  4. obviously city is better. As its value for money package coz it will fetch u loads in terms of resale which fiat can never atleast for next 10 years. Also new city is new generation car with advanced and integrated specs. Moreover it comes with a honda badge which makes a difference. It has legendary after sales and extremely popular and hence a PRACTICAL CHOICE....
  5. dude go for i20. it can beat swift.
  6. around 16lacs its cheaper than the older version!!
  7. If climate control is the ques. then aveo is also there!
  8. I m not able to decide which car to buy in a 9lac budget? i want auto climate feature or i should wait for megane from renault??
  9. FRIEND! i think you should wait for CAPTIVA , since ford's after sales is poor and maintenance is quit high. CHEVY provide low maintenance vehicles(i own one). Captiva is worth waiting as it has got juicy looks and some advancements but a pricey car around 20lacs!!!!!!